There will be 16.7 billion connected IoT devices by the end of the year. However, 70% of companies still struggle to integrate IoT into their workflow. An easy way to surmount this hurdle is to collaborate with experts. Effective Iot Sim Connectivity Solutions and proficient service providers make the journey simple and ensure success. Along with uninterrupted connectivity, they provide analytics and monitoring features that fuel a winning sprint in today’s market. Here is how IoT plays a crucial role in placing businesses at the forefront.

IoT, a must-have ingredient for growth-oriented businesses

Simply put, IoT is a system of connected devices empowered with technologies that transmit data over the Internet. Sensors collect this data into a centralised platform for further analysis. This data is key to developing deep insights about customers, employees, and machinery. 

In today’s fast-paced world, customers’ demands keep changing, and markets fluctuate every day. IoT is an inevitable tool for quick, informed decision-making in such an environment. Some promising Benefits are:

  • Enhance customer service and experience.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Improve employee competence.
  • Better workplace security.
  • Improve customer relationships.
  • More revenue opportunities.

Driving business goals from IoT

Billions of devices linked to the Internet create an avalanche of data. The power that such huge volumes of data bring to businesses is hard to fathom. From product design to marketing strategies, they can improve every aspect to increase profitability.

Besides data collection and tracking, global leaders invest in IoT for several other reasons.

  • Improve supply chain management.
  • Gain a better understanding of customers’ preferences.
  • Promote operational efficiency.
  • Slash down functional costs.

The industrial and manufacturing sector was one of the first industries to acknowledge the power of IoT. Companies have reduced machine downtime and maintenance costs by monitoring machine data.

The IoT revolution in the health sector is also news to none. From a simple smartwatch to complex AR surgical lenses, these devices make health services easier and faster.

The agriculture sector is also gaining momentum with Iot Sim Connectivity Solutions. Now, farmers can improve the quality of produce using plant data.

Such use cases testify to IoT’s endless growth opportunities across all industry verticles.

Deriving maximum IoT value to lead the competition

According to McKinsey, IoT can unlock 5.5 trillion to 12.6 trillion global economic value by 2030. For businesses who want to lead and follow, now is the time to embrace IoT and draw maximum value. But how? The best way forward is to team up with a proficient IoT service provider such as Airtel Business. Here are the top three steps companies can take while venturing into IoT for the best outcomes.

  • Invest in an Advanced IoT SIM Connectivity Solution

One of the most prominent issues that limit IoT initiatives is connectivity. Airtel Business provides advanced network technologies to streamline IoT Operations. With technologies like 5G, LPWAN, and Satellite, it helps companies overcome connectivity challenges and increase ROI.

  • Integrate IoT in marketing campaigns

Customer-centric campaigns are the key to a successful marketing strategy. IoT taps into all customer touchpoints, including past purchases and social media and discovers actionable insights about customer behaviour. Companies can use these insights for targeted promotions and delivering unparalleled customer experience.

  • Train employees to use IoT

IoT technology is still developing. It also brings significant changes to daily operations. In such a case, unknown risks can snowball into big issues. Clearly, thoroughly training employees is crucial for the success of IoT initiatives. 

With better customer relations and increased productivity, IoT has changed the complete ballgame. Those who will embrace the technology will be the winners. IoT service providers such as Airtel Business provide comprehensive solutions that take care of your regulatory, connectivity, security, and future needs. Entrust our IoT solutions and Make Airtel Business your winning partner.