Men’s wedding rings and bands don’t always get the same attention as their female counterparts’ jewelry. It’s important to get a wedding band as unique and dashing as you are. It must fit your lifestyle and look great. Wedding bands are a symbolic jewelry piece.

You want your wedding band to last forever and showcase your undying commitment to your beloved. The common metals are obviously gold, platinum, palladium, zirconium, tungsten, cobalt-chrome, and wood.

  • Wood wedding rings are organic and beautiful. They tend to be more cost-efficient than metal pieces, but they aren’t that hardy and might not be ideal for a man who has a very active lifestyle.
  • If you want a badass style, a black band is the best bet. These bands are brilliant statement pieces. They aren’t too flashy, but are dramatic and sleek.
  • There are simple black bands, but you can find the ones with intricate designs and engravings. They provide more edge.
  • The common examples are Obsidian dome black tungsten carbide band, forged carbon band, vintage mixed-metal black titanium band, and groove titanium rings. The range is $450-$1,000.

A curated list

If you’re a sports enthusiast, go for championship wedding bands. For the ladies reading this article, chances are your fiancée has an obsession with baseball, basketball, football, or even cricket. Go for wedding band designs with basketball and baseball themes. They have classic appeal. Regard this as a draft pick for the man of your life.

  • A cracked soil textured ring is another great choice. Rugged, earthy, and comprising 14k yellow gold, this ring’s non-symmetrical appearance and textured design is the main catch of this ring.
  • The Herringbone engraved gold ring takes band texture to a new level. The herringbone pattern is available in three 14k gold colors. These stylish bands are timeless.
  • The double urchin gold band, which is one of the hot cakes of epicweddingbands, has a Boho-beach vibe, which could act as the backdrop of its name. This ring’s ruggedness is very conspicuous. It appeals to the person who has a penchant for unique jewelry.
  • The unisex Coral gold wedding band follows the sea-themed gold bands. they feature an irregular coral design, 14k-18k gold wedding bands.
  • How can one not mention the Tree Bark wedding band? These bands resemble a tree bark or twig. This is an extraordinary ring with nature-inspired themes.

Alternatives to the classic band

A rubber wedding band like the Qalo Ring is for the man who has an active lifestyle. It’s nothing but manly. You also have Wedgewood rings in the blackbird designs. These are teak wood rings.

  • Incredibly badass and appealing, it might make you just go out and find a wife. You craft it with titanium and press it from the reconnaissance pane’s ejector nozzle. The real deal of this band is the reclaimed, authentic teak wood.
  • Masculine and authentic, the ring is very tough. It gives you the leverage of making the forever scene in style.

You can also buy handmade rings from Maine or Topsham. They are intensely personal and intimate men’s wedding bands. They incorporate the fingerprint of your partner.