This is the complete news about the most recent shows and callback events for Call back.

Did you hear about the recent events that attracted many singers to collaborate with each other? Are you curious to find out who the next singer is? If so, you’re on the right page.

Nepal and India as well as Pakistan and Bangladesh users are interested to learn more about the website, which has invited many singers and musicians to perform on the forthcoming list of live performances and stages. You can find out more about Callback, as well as details on live dates and specifications.

What’s the event all about?

This event celebrates the annual celebration of tasks accomplished with the support of friends, inviting them to join in the game. People who have played the game for at least one month are invited to participate in these events.

If the games have been decided in different sets, invitation links will be sent to friends who are based on their country’s statistics. The players can also enjoy great rewards. You can read below for more information about the rewards and costs of participating in the Sugram callback event.

Reward Points earned from the gameplay

Only performance and game strategy are the only criteria for determining which rewards can be earned. To be rewarded in-game, there are some tips that users should follow. For more information, please see the following:

  • If you invite a single friend, you will receive 1X 19,999boxes of diamonds and a voucher.
  • Invite 3 friends to the party and you will receive 3X 19,999 boxes with diamonds and 2X DIAMOND vouchers from the royal cast.
  • If you invite 5 friends, you will receive a 5X 19,999 diamond box with a 3X royal coupon on
  • You can combine 7X 19,999 diamond pouches and 5X royal vouchers for 7 friends.

How do you play and complete the task?

  • You can play the game by letting friends and acquaintances download it from the official website.
  • You can also download invitation notes and open-on style games by clicking the links. Already 7, you have at least one segment to invite.
  • It is crucial to play the code set by the month prior.
  • A friend can help you get the list in one go.
  • To cross-check, share the media link

Why Callback Event Current?

Trending news was created when there were many free fire series that could be run with the help of FF MAX. The OB35 update brought many new users to this system.

Final Verdict

This news provides details about the show as well as live links to all the rewards. Users can listen to their favourite singers, and meet them in person. First, celebrities like Justin Bieber will be attending the show with his entourage. Click Here for More Information.

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