Dear readers, today we’re going to give you details about a special event that will take place in Anaheim.

Dear readers, do you plan to go to the SWCA22 com activate event? The event begins on May 26 and will end on May 29th 2022. The event will take place by the United States after two virtual celebrations that were held in parallel in response to the pandemic. Anyone who is interested in participating in the can buy tickets for one day. Tickets aren’t accessible for purchase via the phone.

Description of the Event –

The celebration is dedicated to the upcoming films and TV shows. The fans also celebrate the past that shaped Star Wars. Star Wars universe, an American space-opera Multimedia franchise that focuses on space-related films. For activation, you must enter a 10digits of the code which is located at the bottom on the badge.

How to SWCA22 com Activate?

This is the site to activate your badge to allow you to attending the event without any difficulties. After you’ve received your Badges then you must activate them on this site. Look at inside the rear of the badge to find finding the code that will enable the event.

The visitors can obtain more information on the festival by visiting this website , such as the opening hours, hours of closure and many other details.

The hours of operation are for Star Wars 2022

The hours of operation for the 2022 May Star Wars event are 10 am until 7 midnight on Thursday and Friday. The hours of operation for SWCA22 com-activate on Sundays and Saturdays are from 10 am until 5 pm.

What should I do after having activated the Badge?

Users that have activated their badges are able to walk around the Anaheim Convention Centre, California. But they should be aware of the guidelines for the Badges and badges

  • Bring your Badge to the event, and remember to wear it when participating in the celebration.
  • If you’re going to travel with your kids, first enable your Badge first, then your children. Make sure that they keep it in their possession until the conclusion on your SWCA22 com activateevent.

After having checked all these points go to the location and join in the festivities.

Star Wars History –

The event is organized through Lucasfilm Limited. It was founded by George Lucas in 1977 after an epic film was launched earlier during the year by this company.


Q.1 What is the best way to download our Star Wars celebration mobile app?

A.1 The application is accessible on the website

Q.2 What year will Star Wars Day celebrated?

A.2This is an informal day that is held on May 4 every year.

The Final Verdict –

This Event Badge activated for the Thursday event is on the SWCA22 website. SWCA22

Are you planning to join in for the Star Wars celebration? We invite you to share your live experiences with us.