From 2020, the new THC compound- Delta-8 THC, is gaining recognition. In fact, the study’s outcome states that Delta-8 THC is highly searched on Google. As a result, the THC enthusiast has now received countless delivery options when it comes to enjoying this Sativa strain. That said, one of the preferred delivery methods which are getting popular nowadays is vaping THC through vape devices, which includes three major categories- cartridge-style vape pen, Mod Vapes, and lastly, dry herb vaporizer. 

Such vaping devices are the most advanced and fastest ways of inhaling THC as they deliver you the perfect kick anywhere, anytime. As mentioned earlier, vape devices come in various varieties, as some devices are rechargeable while others are pre-filled vape devices. This can be confusing, mainly when you are a newbie user. Speaking of which, for the user’s better understanding, we have put together a buying guide that helps them in the best possible way.

  • The complete breakdown of various kinds of vaporizers: 
  1. Cartridge style vape pens 

One of the most popular ways of enjoying vaping is through cartridge-style vape pens or maybe a refillable E-liquid vape pen. Usually, vape pens hold a thin cylindrical shape, and they can be slightly longer than a standard delivery system. Such devices look trendy and act as a front runner for their sleek and low-key design. Besides this, these vape pens hold a universal 510 thread, which allows the users to tighten on pre-filled vape cartridges. Furthermore, the Vape cartridge contains THC distillate, Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and some iconic flavors. 

The users must know that vaping devices are available in some fantastic flavors these days, allowing the users to prefer their favorite flavor. However, it’s significant to invest in a suitable vape cartridge that holds a ceramic heating element, just like purple punch THC-o disposable, which is a cross between a Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purple, delivering you relaxation, sleep, and experiencing euphoria. The ceramic coating will help enhance the flavor, and you will get the best mellow buzzy experience. 

Cartridge-style vape pens are sensitive to breakage, so it’s more important for the user to store them properly. Also, it’s significant to keep the vape pens at room temperature, around 70 degrees Fahrenheit; otherwise, the THC oil will turn darker and, at the same time, adversely impact the quality of the THC oil.

  1. Mod Vapes 

Mod vapes were introduced in the market in 2015, and the aim of introducing such pens is to upgrade the vapor cloud while using vape oils. Mod vapes come with an extended battery along with voltage control settings. 

Moreover, the most highlighted part of mod vapes is that they hold Sub-ohm tanks, which are atomizers intended to mimic the experience of dripping with the convenience of a tank. In addition, it also allows the user to heat contents while producing deep clouds at lower temperatures. 

Besides this, mod vapes are pretty expensive, and sometimes they can take a longer time to fully charge, which can be a considerable factor for many users. Additionally, many users have noticed that mod vape devices are also hard to use, especially when you are a beginner. 

  1. Dry Herb Vaporizers 

Dry Herb Vaporizers fall under a different category of vaporizers. Such kind of vaporizers exactly appears like mod devices or vapes pens. However, they are intentionally designed for vaporizing dry Delta-8 THC buds. Dry herb vaporizers allow the user to use their preferred strain buds in these devices. 

Dry herb vaporizers hold a heating element and a battery pack along with a chamber that assists in holding the THC buds. Such devices can also facilitate vaporizing distillate. However, you require a separate container to perform this activity effectively. On the other hand, the downfall of dry herb vaporizers is that they are not efficient enough to work with vape juices and are not even optimized for distillates. 

  • Why should you invest in Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridges? 

Vape cartridges are undoubtedly a great option as they usually hold a small cylinder shape making them a go-to choose for most users. Plus, the users can also choose whether they want to opt for one with rechargeable or refillable vape as per their desires. Nowadays, the users can get their hands on the one with a temperature control option, allowing more persistent drags. Plus, less or no possibility for burnt or dry hits that bother the throat. 

Vaping is considered one of the fastest delivery methods and can show its effect within a few minutes. It can be a good option in those cases where you are looking for a quick mellow buzz like the Maui wowie delta 8 cartridge- the most renowned yet delicious strain from Hawaii, perfect for daytime guilty pleasures. 

Wrap UP

One of the convenient yet trendy ways to enjoy the goodness of potent Delta-8 THC is with the help of vaping. Plus, it’s a fasting-acting way of experiencing the effects of Delta-8 THC as it allows the active compound to enter the bloodstream through the lungs within a few seconds. It’s recommendable to stick with a reliable and trustworthy brand to get quality, potent products.