Inoue-san, manga serialized in “Sunday Webley”, is the original, It topped the total circulation at 1.5 million for the 2021 year, July To It is a very popular work.

This synopsis contains a romantic comedy about a boy cursed by a witch to destroy everything he touched as a child. Alice, a black maid, is dedicatedly supportive of such a boy.

Maid Alice’s reverse sexual harassment is her biggest draw! He approaches the girl with the hand he has in his hand, as if to enjoy his reaction to the boy who won’t touch the thing even though he wants it to.

This heartwarming romance comedy is also rich in mystery-solving elements, such as the reasons why the boy was cursed or the identity of Alice. It is a manga that is well received by all generations, regardless of gender.

The eagerly awaited first season of TV animated for such “The Duke of Death and His Maid”, will begin broadcasting on July 4, 2021. Already, the story of the anime’s first season is approaching its turning point. I am now curious if there’s a second season.

Although there are no official announcements on Twitter or the official website regarding a sequel, this article analyzes the possibility of production of The Duke of Death and His Maid season 2.

What are the number of episodes and cool compositions in the anime’s first period? What will be the length of the original manga? And how much will it grow in the second season? We have collected the most recent information, so make sure to check the end.

Is it possible to produce the second season?

It is important to consider whether there will be a second season of The Duke of Death & His Maid. There is a chance that the entire manga will be drawn in the first period if it has been completed and the last episode has been reached.

Even if spin-off animation production is possible, it will not be possible to produce a sequel.

The original manga of “The Duke of Death and His Maid”, has 13 volumes. The latest volume, not the final, was published on August 19, 2021. It is currently being serialized.

It will take me a while to explain how it will be drawn, but it should be at least 6 volumes of the original novel. The remaining stock of the original novel will then be 7 volumes.

The second period of animation will be visualized at the same speed, so there is no problem. The remaining stock has been secured for only one period .

From the sales of the original manga

We will next examine the possibility of making the second period of animation based on the sales situation of “The Duke of Death & His Maid” manga! As I said at the beginning, the cumulative circulation of “The Duke of Death” series has surpassed 1.5 million as of July 2021.

The numbers for this work, which is based on manga, are somewhat conservative. It cannot be said that there’s a high probability of creating the second period of animation all by itself.

The total sales were in July, the month that the anime broadcast began. There is therefore a chance that they are growing.

Although it is unlikely that the second anime season will be made based on the success of the first, if anime gains popularity, you can expect an increase in sales of manga. So, it appears that sequel production will gain momentum.

Revenue from video distribution services has become an important part of the new trend towards monthly flat-rate video distribution services like Amazon Prime Video or NetFlix.

The revenue from video distribution services can be divided into “revenue through exclusive distribution” or “revenue according the number of viewers”, but there are no video distribution companies that distribute only “Shinigamibochan and Black Maid”.

The question of whether it’s possible to get “revenue according the number of views” will therefore be of primary importance. Popularity ranking will be used to determine the number of views on the video distribution service.

You can see the popularity ranking for August 19, 2021. It is out-of-service (21st or below) in UNEXT,, and 20th respectively in the weekly ranking by d anime shop.

It is a summer 2021 animation. As a work that is being broadcast in real-time, it is in the order I want another voice. It seems that “The Duke of Death and His Maid”, the second phase of animation production, is difficult considering the popularity of video distribution.

It seems impossible to produce The Duke of Death & His Maid season 2 given the current circumstances. However, it is possible that the first season of animation production was the catalyst for the decision to produce the second season.

If that is the case, when will be the broadcast date for the second season? The final broadcast of the animation’s first period will be on September 2021 if it was a cool broadcast.

It usually takes over a year to create and broadcast a sequel. The popularity of the video distribution system and sales forecasts for discs are not in our favor. “The Duke of Death and His Maid,” however, will not decide to make a sequel right away. It is very likely that we will be able to see the situation change a bit.

We expect the second season of anime to be after October 2023. 2 years later.

What are the volumes of original manga in the first and second seasons? (From where to what?)

We will also predict how much of the original manga we will see if “The Duke of Death And His Maid” is broadcasted.

First, let’s talk about how far the first animation period will go. However, as far as the Bluray & DVD release schedule is concerned, it seems almost certain that there will be 12 episodes per period.

In the sixth episode, which takes place in the middle of the story’s third part, Alice and Bocchan are captured by the witch’s wrist and the wizard Zain in order to enter the witches’ rally (Sabbath). This corresponds with the contents of 3 volumes of the original manga.

The first period of animation is 12 episodes long. If you continue at this pace the first period will consist of up to 6 volume of the original manga. The sixth volume will contain an important episode in which the boy enters the main residence and discovers the identity of the cursed woman. This is a great break for the story.

The first period of animation should be drawn from the sixth to seventh volumes of the original manga. The second period will then be drawn from the seventh volume. It is likely that the second period will be animated at the same speed as the first. The episodes for the second period will come from the original manga volumes 7-12.

Summary: 30% chance of a sequel to The Duke of Death & His Maid 2nd Season

  • 30% chance of appearing in the second season of The Duke of Death and His Maid
  • The broadcast date for a second animation period is October 2023, if it is possible.
  • Volumes 7-12 of the original manga will be drawn during the second period.

It’s the second season of TV anime “The Duke of Death & His Maid”, but if you look at the sales forecast of this disc, the popularity of video distribution services, etc. there is a 30% chance of sequel production at the moment. It is possible?

Bocchan is the main character and is cursed to kill all he touches. The setting of Alice receiving reverse sexual harassment is intriguing, but it’s difficult to discuss the heartwarming daily lives of Alice and Bocchan.

The story is about get interesting! The voice actor for Bocchan is Natsuki Hanae. Also, the theme song “Mangetsu to Silhouette night” is sung by Ayumi Mano (Alice).

It will slowly gain popularity and it is likely that it will lead the production of the second period of animated. So let’s enjoy the pure love of “The Duke of Death and His Maid”, while we await future developments.