A family lawyer generally handles all the legal issues concerning any member of the family. These legal issues can be guardianship, child custody, divorce, etc. The family lawyer can have his or her own practice or work in a large law firm. 

Having a family lawyer respected by all family members can save the family from going to court and spending a lot of money on court proceedings. That will not only save money and time, but it can also protect relationships. 

In this piece, we are going to discuss some of the duties of a family lawyer. Let’s get started!

  1. Annulment

Annulment refers to when a husband and wife decide to separate. The marriage has no value after it has been annulled. There are plenty of reasons for the annulment, including infidelity and fraud of any type. Fraud can be a spouse hiding a communicable disease, criminal record, infertility, or previous marriage. The family lawyer will represent either the husband or wife in the court.

  1. Divorce

Divorce can be nerve wrecking and devastating to go through. A family lawyer from Cytryn Law can try solving the differences of the parties involved with proper communication. The lawyer will help the partners to finalize their divorce cordially. 

A family lawyer can help the partners know what they will receive or lose after the divorce. Parents also need to consider the children’s future. An experienced family lawyer can help sort all these issues. In addition to that, he or she will ensure that the trials are fair.

  1. Spouse support and alimony

Spousal support, maintenance, and alimony have the same meaning. During the divorce process, the judge may entertain one of the spouses until the process comes to an end. The effects of alimony generally last for a certain period until when the divorced partner can stand on his or her feet. The court can award permanent spousal support if the marriage span was long or if the spouse becomes ill. The family lawyer must ensure that the spouse gets favorable terms in this situation.

  1. A family lawyer can appeal against previous mistakes of legal proceedings

Every individual has a fundamental right to file an appeal when they feel that previous legal proceedings mistakenly caused significant damages. The appealing process is not only complicated but is time-consuming too. 

The appeal must be filed within 30 days for it to go through. When it comes to the law, some areas are easy to understand, while others are not. The appeal procedure is one of those areas that are difficult to understand. You can hire a family lawyer to handle the procedure and get the best results possible. 

Final thoughts

A family lawyer can handle various issues concerning families. However, if you want the best results, you need to work with the most experienced family lawyers. These professionals understand family law better, and they can offer their insight that can help you with whichever family legal issues you are facing.