When people think about inflation, the majority, even some business owners, understand it as simple as rising prices.

Even though that understanding is proper, other circumstances than rising prices alone come with it. Some include the business’s industry, rising costs, the workforce, supply chain, and many more.

With 2022 fully underway, all types of businesses will be affected – positively or negatively. There is no denying that inflation has a crucial impact on business in general, so it’s time to look at what the effects could be.

This article will dive deeper into the effects of inflation on business in 2022, which types of companies will be affected more, and how business owners can tone down the aftershocks.

How Does Inflation Affect Businesses?

Some inflation effects can be predictable. To stay on top of them, you can keep up with the latest investing news on Fastbull or other news outlets. Below is what business owners can expect from the inflation in 2022:

The increased price of raw materials

 In periods of high inflation, as we had seen in the past couple of months when the inflation rate went as high as 8.5%, the price of raw materials increases, so owners raise their prices to cover the costs. Whether the business manufactures its product or needs a restock, it’s safe to say that raw materials will cost more in the upcoming months.

Disarrangement of supply chains – When a business’s supply chain is disarranged, it lacks most of its main products, which will later cause the prices to go up. Because some of those main supplies are essential, business owners will pay more to have them available. The more suppliers a business has, the lesser the hit it will take when inflation rises.

Overhead increase – As inflation keeps on rising, everything with it increases. This means that rent, utility bills, and even wages skyrocket, growing the business’s overhead costs. Small business owners, or ones that have small margins, will be the ones that get affected the most.

Consumer purchases – While customers will spend less money as prices go up, it is crucial to point out that even if prices rise on certain goods, the demand will stay the same. For example, essential goods will never have a fallout; some of them may even be more sought out. However, everything else will decrease sales as consumers are bound to prioritize purchases.

The increase of borrowings – When inflation starts rising, banks’ main action is to increase interest rates. While this translates well for the economy and various investors, businesses, tiny ones, suffer because of the higher cost of borrowing and interest rates, making their future unpredictable.

How Can Businesses Prepare for Inflation in 2022

While economists predicted high inflation due to the pandemic in 2020, they also mentioned that it would take several years to go back to normal. While high inflation seems to have gradually declined in the past month, we still face it today.

Businesses, mainly small ones, can cope with it and prepare for future spikes.

Gradual price chances – With all costs increasing, business owners will have to raise the prices of their products and services. Companies need to work on the increase step by step instead of spiking it instantly to let all of their customers adjust to the price changes. Moreover, they need to pay close attention to their competitors because they can easily go way ahead with prices.

Get rid of the wants – Revisit your budget plan and get rid of things you don’t need. Every business has needs and wants; when you categorize and get rid of the wants, you will be left with additional funds. For some, this can mean discarding their entire budget plan for 2022 and starting all over; however, it is necessary if they want to save more.

Multiple suppliers – Having multiple trustworthy supplier chains is crucial because businesses will have the luxury to pick and choose when things go sideways. Heavily relying on one supply chain can be dangerous. With high inflation rates like today, there can be delays or even situations where the supplier goes out of business.


With experts saying that inflation can take a couple more years to go back to normal, businesses need to be aware and ready for every possible scenario. While some small businesses are worried and uncertain about their future, the main thing is to stay focused and take the necessary steps toward balancing out their costs.

There is more to come in 2022, so it is in the owner’s hands if they will crumble or face adversity head-on.