Surveys and statistics from relevant people show that blood type is roughly a relationship with marriage.

1. Type-A husband and Type-A wife. Although both husband and wife tend to be very cautious and conservative, they can still embrace the opportunity to welcome neighbors and share their joy. They are very compatible and rarely have any emotional conflicts.

2 O-type wife and A-type husband. Although it appears that the wife is more visible, the husband actually holds the rope tightly. It tends to cringe because it is too conservative.

3 Type A wife and husband. A free-spirited wife can be a good example of a well-mannered husband. However, if the wife does something to ruin her husband’s face, it will become a grudge.

4 Type A husband, AB wife. Wives can be coquettish to their husbands and are strong so they will be able to appreciate unexpected actions by their wives. It is easy for the husband to lose sight of the reality, while the wife acts as a stimulant in his life.

5 O-type husband, O-type wife. These are the same rigid and stubborn couple. This couple is stubborn and rigid, even after they are married. However, it ends up being dominated by their wives.

6. Type A husband and type B wife. This type of husband and wife may seem like a type O husband and wife, but it’s actually the type A wife who stood up for her husband. Unknowingly, the husband of the weak-in-blood type fights hard for his wife.

7. Type B husband and wife. A steady husband and a dedicated wife. A man can have the spirit of a man and a wife can be as strong as a woman. However, if the husband is too strict with his wife, it will lead to a strained relationship.

8. O husband and AB wife. This type of couple is not connected emotionally. It’s like a mix of a dull husband with a keen wife. It is important to be able and willing to accept each other’s differences.

9 Type B husband, Type B wife. This couple is happy to be free from worry and do what they like. Sometimes they fail because of not planning in advance. The wife may need to exert a bit more effort in order to control certain actions.

10 Type A husband and type B wife. Husbands who are good at reasoning can play with wives. Wives can be easily manipulated by husbands who ignore worldly conventions.

11 Type O wife and husband. This is the type of couple where the wife is the boss. A realistic wife will not be deceived or fooled by a type B husband who enjoys playing tricks. The wife should not oppress her husband, as this can make the family afraid.

12 Type B husband, AB type spouse. They are a couple that is full of creativity and individuality. They will not be bound by secular forms and conventions. The dominant power is held by the wife. Many wives use their passions in work to succeed.

13. AB-type husband and wife. This couple is hard for others to comprehend. They feel that they are their best friends. The relationship between them becomes too intimate, which can lead to a suffocating relationship.