All human imperfections are in their essence. Name is most likely God. God is good for all eternity. He is generous to those who follow him. On the other hand, man is selfish since birth. He is best to take control of his own life.

He finds joy in people who are kind to him and does not consider his critics his friends. Man is inexhaustible, incapable of seeing the world without the distractions of selfishness.

God, being so self-sufficient, is inexhaustible because He is the possessor divine qualities. He sees all creation equally, without regard to condemnation, praise, enemy or friend. Only faith can give Him divine consciousness.

A belief in myths also suggests that he may appear on earth in different forms at different times. While the existence of the first God is not recognized beyond the four walls that surround faith, certain human beings are considered to be the second God and enter the physical world.

They are like God and truly good. They are friends or enemies, rich or poor. Their dedication is to the well-being and dignity of all. This is the right thing to do and it should be respected.

This second God’s name is also called the doctor. God creates the body and sends it out into the world. But the experts responsible for maintaining the body’s healthy nutrition are just as important as God. The human body experiences intense pain and suffering from many ailments, obstacles, physical injuries, and eventually becomes a direct God who releases water from the cold sands of the earthly.

I believe that Sina is the goddess bought for a small sum of money. Sina provides relief from the grateful heart and a bit of laughter.

Ironically, some gods have sacrificed goddesses to make money, and these sacrifices are more appealing than the monsters. They are so driven to make money that they end up with a serious illness. These are serious consequences. The disease can be difficult to treat once it is established. It is impossible to achieve the same divine attainment through hard work as the one that is obtained in the attack on money sickness.

Instead, he extends the corpse of his victim to the original man, which translates into a monstrous demon who, in all his demonic behavior overtakes the Kansa and Ravana from the Puranas. The poor patient is not paid. If you don’t have the money to buy a prescription, you might need to take the patient’s kidneys out and place them on the operating table. Arthasur is oppressed!

In today’s consumerist society, the sad sight of doctors is steadily growing. They are gradually becoming more demon-possessed and considered the second god. Many people are trying to overcome the problems of modern materialistic life. Doctors are not far behind. Is God able to meet all modern needs? How valuable is that second God, when ministers, engineers and administrators are used to improve the future by sending justice principles on leave and other morals on leave? !

Everything in the world is being balanced, but doctors’ health care is also within the budget. Make yourself available to doctors in exchange for their services and expertise. The rich can live lavish lives and have the ability to buy their way into wealth. Let the poor die cursing their poverty. These languages belong to the poor who lack the necessary health care and blame God for their misfortune. He doesn’t have the time or the patience to learn the language of his pride or obsession. Nor does he possess the heart of either the first God who called them creators nor the second God who is responsible for his health. The taste of bitterness changes.

Shankar Gowda is a Niara doctor who lives in Manda, Karnataka. He is not affiliated to any nursing home or clinic. Patients can watch from the wall of the small, burning shop that is located on a street in the center. She walks around the same area from 8 a.m. until 12 p.m. to see her patients, and spends the rest of her time on her porch in her living room. His contract with a private nursing home or hospital, or having a fully-equipped room in his own home must have cost him a lot. In this instance, however, the patients who come in for treatment are not the most well-to-do, which is a stark contrast to his promise to be a doctor.

Born into poverty, Dr. Shankar Gowda lost the young father of his child while he was in school. He had promised not to let his poor father be rushed to the cemetery before his father was cremated. He struggled to overcome his poverty and received medical education. He became a doctor.

When she returned to her hometown as a pediatrician, her first decision was made to help alleviate poverty in her family. There were also many opportunities for government employment and connection to private hospitals. He did not recall his father’s vows. Boss embarked on an entirely new journey to swear-in. His journey of providing patients at the side of the road for five rupees earned him an exceptional identity and reputation as a Panchatankia doctor across the state.

Every morning, Dr. Gowda opens Panchtankia Nick at 8 a.m. They pay between two and five hundred rupees for a doctor out of their control. Patients are not allowed to sit in this unhygienic clinic. There is no chair for doctors. The patient sits against Dr. Gaud’s breakfast shop wall and, one by one, he writes down the prescription for the lowest-cost generic drug. He charges five rupees per person and takes a fee from all. However, the elderly and poor are not aware that Dr. Gaud is seeing a patient in his home.

There is always a way to make money off doctors. When someone gets sick, there are thousands forced to spend thousands on medical exams. Even if the disease is curable, they still need to be treated. Life seems impossible despite all the suffering for a rare second God such as him in the battle of the bloodthirsty beasts who are continually being tortured.