For some of us, hairloss is a hereditary condition and for others, it’s linked to external factors such as stress or anxiety. It is a long journey even for those who had all the hair in the world at age sixteen. Passed twenties the sides slowly start to diminish and entering thirties, you may have been left with a balding crown. You no longer have your hair to stop the sweat running down your face when you work out, nor find yourself as charming in the mirror. Something is missing. The good news is that it can be recovered.

Whatever the root of your balding, the solution is the same. A hair transplant is the most talked-about cosmetic procedure right now and it’s for a reason. Hair transplant and is among the safest cosmetic touches with the highest success rate even if you have afro-hair. Yep, you read that right. Although a more complex procedure that requires a highly skilled and experienced surgeon, the success rate in afro-hair type transplants is considerably high in Turkey.

Why hair transplant?

Hair transplants are effective, permanent, natural, and affordable for all. All you need to do is to put some time into research and chose a suitable clinic that can cater to your needs. If you live in the US, Canada, Australia, or Europe, odds are that you can only afford a hair transplant in your country of residence if you belong to the high earning income segment or have saved for the cost of your hair transplant over the years.

When you start putting the research time into the best hair transplant clinics in the world, you will see that a certain country comes up over and over. Prices seem ridiculously affordable even for the minimum wage earner living in the above-mentioned parts of the world.

If getting a hair transplant done has been occupying your mind for a while but you haven’t done any research yet, it certainly will be a pleasant feeling warming up each and every molecule of your body to find out about Turkey. In Istanbul, you can get your treatment at a top clinic with some of the best surgeons for a very reasonable cost.

Where to get it?

Fortunately, Turkey’s modern facilities provide the finest quality treatment while offering the opportunity to visit a most welcoming culture, elevating the value of the whole journey. On another note, unmatched cuisine, history, and turquoise beaches are only the side effects of a hair transplant procedure in Turkey.

What are the costs?

Let’s cut short to the actual cost while explaining the reasoning for the price range. Hair transplantation in Turkey costs between 1,800 and 2,500 USD. Just like getting a tattoo, even only a tiny one, starts from a certain price, a hair transplantjust to fill in the openings on your temples starts at a certain bottom price. The cost goes up as the hair grafts that need to be transplanted on your scalp grow in number, in line with the grandeur of your balding area.

All you need to do is to get your foot in the right clinic, where your surgeon has a proven history of successful afro-hair transplants. And where would that be?

Welcome to Vantage Hair Restoration Istanbul

At a top hospitality destination with genuine warmth from its friendly people, you may find yourself exploring some of the most interesting historical sites or trying some of the unique delicacies offered by the rich Anatolian cuisine.

Your hair transplant in Istanbul will be a journey that will stay with you forever, on and in your head.

We encourage you to do your own research and to come to the awareness that not all clinics in Turkey are as safe or as trend-setting as Vantage Hair Restoration Istanbul. Vantage is known not just to follow but to set international standards in hair-transplant techniques and technology. Their expert surgeons have a combined experience of hundreds of years and there is an abundance of testimonials from ex-patients of Vantage Hair Restoration Istanbul, available online and on social media channels.