If you’re looking for a carefully curated selection of web games, then look no further than Drifted.com. This website has a varied collection of web games that feature motorized vehicles in some capacity. 

These games also run the gamut in terms of their gameplay and presentation. One of the most popular categories on the site, and its namesake, is the Drifting Games category. 

There aren’t many things you can do in a car that is cooler than driving sideways at high speed, and that’s what this category is all about. If you agree, here are a few awesome samples of what the Drifting Games category contains.

City Drifting

They say city living is fast, and these games prove it. If you’ve ever dreamed about drifting through clustered city streets, ensconced in skyscrapers, then you should check out City Rider. 

This game features fast cars, large maps, and an intricately detailed city for you to drift through. The other two maps in the game don’t feature a city, but they are equally as compelling and have plenty of drifting opportunities. 

City Car Driving Simulator: Ultimate is another great drifting game that features a city. This one has awesome graphics, realistic physics, and a huge open city for you to explore and leave your marks in. In it, you score points by hitting ramps and performing perfect drifts. The more you play the higher your score will get!

Offroad Drifting

If drifting through the streets of a city is too plain for you, maybe you’d rather drift through the dirt and mud. In Offroader V6, you can do just that and more. You’ll have a selection of both offroading and street vehicles, and map options that let you drive through a city or several other places like a test track and stunt arena. 

Stunt Simulator is another game that lets you take your drifts off the road. This one has more simple graphics, but it also features several maps that let you push the limits of your vehicle, including a fantasy arena with a massive loop-the-loop.

Police Drifting

There appears to be an affinity for the police in the drifting games category. These games all feature either a playable police car, or police that actively chase you. One such game is called Police Chase. This game is a top-down drifter with simple graphics, but it will have you drifting circles around the cops as an outlaw and occasionally blowing them up with missiles. 

Another police drifting game is Police Drift Car Driving. This one puts you in the driver’s seat of a cop car and sets you loose on a city to perform tricks and sick drifts. The city is a large open-world map with a ton of stuff to do and things to see. 

These are just a few of the games that are available in the Drifting Games category on Drifted.com. If any of them seem interesting to you, go ahead and give them a shot!