This guide contains details about Tommy Smith Everleigh Father who passed away recently at the age of 29.

Do you know Everleigh’s biological dad, who recently died? According to the official Twitter account of LILBITCH, Tommy Smith, Everleigh’s biological father, has died at the age of 29. Many people in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States were quick to share their condolences with the deceased and pay tribute to him on social media.

According to the statement and post, Tommy died of a seizure. The claim is not supported by any official statements from family members or an obituary page. It is not yet clear how Tommy Smith everleigh Dad died.

Tommy Smith is the real father of Everleigh?

Online evaluations revealed that Everleigh is biologically related to Tommy Smith. He is therefore the biological father of Everleigh. Everleigh’s mother, Savannah Smith, was in a relationship with Tommy Smith in their teens. In 2018, Savannah announced their split.

In the interview, she also stated that her ex-boyfriend had cheated on her numerous times, even while she was pregnant. They eventually split. Savannah, now 23, is a single mother to Everleigh, her 3-year-old daughter. Tommy Smith still plays a significant role in Savannah’s life. They were seen together taking pictures on Instagram.

Tommy Smith’s Death Find Out the Cause!

Family members did not reveal the cause of death and the obituary page didn’t confirm the cause. We did however find that many people post their condolences and tributes online.

Some claimed that he died from a seizure attack. However, his family has not confirmed the news yet. His death was also confirmed by his social media account at the age of 29, but no explanation or causes were given. The Tommy Smith Cause for Death remains in suspense, until any statement is made.

Who is The Real Daughter Of Tommy Smith?

According to sources, Everleigh is the daughter of Tommy Smith (and Savannah Labrant). Although the couple has split, Tommy Smith was seen posting photos of his daughter on social media. The father-daughter pair had great times together, and shared many photos and videos via social media.

Savannah revealed that Everleigh’s biological dad is Tommy Smith, and Cole Labrant is her mother. She allows Tommy Smith Daughter access to her father only 1-2 times per month. Tommy is also blocked from Everleigh’s social media pages.

How are people reacting to

Many comments, discussions, and tweets were found by online users. Many people paid tribute and shared condolences on Twitter and in discussion boards.

Many people feel sorry for Everleigh, the little girl who died from the news. Many people are asking questions about his death to find out how it happened. You can read the comments online at Tommy Smith’s Death.


Tommy Smith is believed be the biological father to Everleigh. The father-daughter pair had great times together. They shared photos and posts on social media frequently. All their family and friends shared the news of the dismissal on Twitter and began to pay their respects and condolences to the father and his daughter.

The cause of his death remains unknown. However, people suspect that he died from a drug overdose. The autopsy report has not been released so it is unclear how Tommy Smith Labrant passed away.

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