There are a lot of career opportunities waiting for a student when they complete their schooling. While it is easy to choose a stream in school, it may not be the case after it. Also, in engineering, you need to know more about Oscillators and what kind of work it did in an electronic circuits. It is also important to choose the right stream after finishing school, as it plays a very important role in deciding one’s career. Also, a lack of interest can negatively affect their career growth.

If your interest is in engineering, there are many branches you can choose from, These branches are as follows:

  • Computer Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Marine Engineering

Among many career options, one of the most popularly emerging careers is Computer Science and Engineering. Many students may get confused while opting for a course after pursuing graduation in Computer Science Engineering; they can always opt for a B.Tech in it. 

What Is Computer Science and Engineering?

Computer engineering is a combination of different aspects of engineering and the science of computing. A computer science engineer plans, designs, tests, executes and maintains computer hardware and software. They are responsible to ensure that the hardware components and programming of computers run smoothly.

Computers are an integral part of any organization. And so, a computer science engineer is required to design, maintain, and upgrade computer software and hardware. A Computer Science Engineer does everything from designing to personal computers, supercomputers, microprocesses, designing circuits, etc.

Career Opportunities After Computer Science And Engineering

There are a lot of career opportunities to choose from after pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Here are the top 5 opportunities that will surely boost your career in computer engineering:

  1. Software Developer

A software developer has a crucial role to play in an organization. A software developer creates software programs that aid an organization in running smoothly and conveniently. These softwares are designed in such a way that they are accessible to the customer on all devices and can be used conveniently.

If you want to become a full-stack software developer, it requires proper knowledge of coding language in computing. One should have expertise in C, Java, C++, C#, and Python and know the proper commands for them. Another important thing is communication, as the software needs to be according to the convenience of the users, it is important to understand their perspective to design the right software. 

  1. Database Administrator   

The role of a database administrator in an organization is to check and supervise all existing computer software modifications and software purchases by the customers. They are also responsible to watch, maintain, and control the company’s database and its quality, and take utmost care of its safety.

If you want to become a database administrator, you need to be vigilant, patient, have analytical skills, know how to prioritize tasks, have problem-solving skills, and possess good communication skills. Computer science engineering also requires good technical knowledge, necessary skills, and expertise. 

  1. Computer Network Architect

A Computer Network Architect is responsible for designing, developing, executing, and maintaining networking and data communication systems, like wide area networks, local area networks, intranets, extranets, and more in an organization. 

They are also responsible for upgrading computer hardware like adapters, routers, and software like network drivers. They work closely with a company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to decide the location of networks required in the company.

To become a computer network architect, one must understand a company’s business plan to design and execute the right network in the apt areas. They are also responsible to secure and safeguard the systems by implementing security patches and taking other measures. 

A computer network architect must have good research skills so that they can stay up-to-date with the new networking technologies to analyze the current data in a better way, understand, and predict how traffic growth may affect the network.

  1. Computer Hardware Engineer

A computer hardware engineer designs, develops, and implements different computer hardware components like memory devices, circuit boards, routers, and more. One must be creative and have technical expertise to develop new hardware to match the convenience of the customer.

  1. Information Security Analyst  

An information security analyst protects a company’s data and sensitive information. It is important for them to stay technologically updated to protect systems and networks from cyber criminals. 

An information security analyst must work on creating solutions to protect the company’s systems and data. Their main focus should be on 3 important areas – risk assessment, vulnerability assessment, and defense assessment. One must possess investigative and problem-solving skills to boost their career in this role.

You can make a great career after computer science and engineering. You can get higher salary packages and grow in this field.  

Is Computer Engineering The Right Field For You?

The IT sector has been growing rapidly over the years. Technology is something that never goes out of demand in any industry; this is because of the use of technology in every sector. Based on this, you can get the highest paying jobs after B.Tech CSE in India. You can get your hands on a lot of job opportunities after Computer Science Engineering.  

India has established itself as a leader in the IT sector. With this you get a lot of career options after B.Tech CSE in India. You can always give a boost to your career by choosing CSE as the desired course. This career field is required in every sector, and therefore, you can also go for government jobs after Computer Science Engineering. You can pick any of the top 5 jobs mentioned above and get the best salary after B.Tech in Computer Science. 

A career in IT is not only recognized in India but globally as well; the scope of getting employed abroad is wide. You can apply to any company apart from IT companies as the need for a professional in computer science engineering is required by every sector.

There are many Indian IT professionals who have made a successful career in various countries like the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, and more. 


The business industry is growing at a rapid speed, but it requires aid from various sectors of work to keep growing. One of these important sectors is the IT sector. 

The IT sector has been helping the industry develop at a great speed, introducing new technologies, and creative tools that have really helped industries flourish. One such field of work that has made this possible is computer science engineering. 

Students who like to design, develop, implement, and maintain computer software and hardware can opt for graduation in computer science engineering and later, a B.Tech in it. 

You can find a lot of good engineering colleges in Kerala. List down the best colleges in South India and choose the most suitable college. If you want to go for further studies, you can opt for B.Tech computer science colleges in Kerala. Choose a suitable college now and kickstart your career in computer science and engineering.