League of Legends has over 100 million monthly players worldwide, so it’s no wonder that many various sorts of individuals play it. The game is so popular that players even buy league of legends accounts to progress faster in the game. The game was introduced in October 2009 and had 100 million monthly players by 2016, but witnessed a big drop between 2016 and mid-2018 owing to forced meta shifts (tank meta, anyone?) and stale gameplay.

Riot Games rebounded in the second part of 2018 and has maintained those figures since. The game has topped 115 million monthly users in 145 countries since June 2020. That’s a lot of gamers, and if you play a lot, you’ll see commonalities in the solo queue characters. Regardless of your level or division, you’ll see these players regularly.

They are:

  1. The Silent One

This person either plays the game well and executes their duty, or they spam the question mark ping on allies and grief when they don’t get their way.

The initial iteration of The Silent One is an unappreciated team rock, prepared to surrender a lead to win. These players appear to always be where they need to be, presuming their familiar with their minimap and know where the opposition team is. You can’t tell what this gamer is thinking or wanting from their cryptic pings. Let’s chat!

The later version of this player has sent maybe two passive-aggressive messages all game but makes their presence known by blasting pings, and blowing out any stupid players’ headphones. They may ping the jungler every 15 seconds to gank their lane or their midlaner’s teleport if they don’t quickly aid them, but they will never write in the chat. What’s with this player? Is chat blocked? Are they raging and unable to make words? Do they go crazy when they see red? Unknown.

  1. The Flamer

Unlike the last player. This individual will critique your champion, mechanical play, build, Summoner Name, and even which button you bind Flash to (Flash on D gang, rise up). This gamer can type so fast that their fingertips may generate earthquakes on the opposite side of the world.

Unfortunately, they just call you terrible and advise you to remove the game. This player has done all conceivable research on you and knows everything about you following a three-minute encounter. Despite having the same rank, they claim you’re trapped and won’t escape. After two lines, you understand this individual is basically repeating themselves and telling you to remove Summoner’s Rift for the third time.

These players care a lot about winning, so if you ignore their messages (or silence them), they’ll still work with the team to win. Unmute this individual when you’ve broken into the opposing base and are destroying their nexus.

  1. LCS-Watcher

This player chooses heroes, runes, and builds pathways from professional play. Regardless of game or squad makeup, they like their favorite player. This player will choose a 200 IQ flex pick in the solo queue, but finish up playing something they’re not comfortable with. Don’t advise this individual to select something they’re excellent at; they’ll justify it by stating X team won with it last weekend and if you think it’s a terrible choice, you’re deluded and awful at the game. If the team loses, this player will suggest everyone should have played around their selection. If you win, this player will grief the following game with the same selection. Next game, camp them to take their League Points.

  1. Cynic

This player abandons teammates and games at the least discomfort. Top laner for the enemy? Quickly surrender. Enemy junglers took half my junglers’ camps? Next round. ADC missed cannon minion? Report noobs. Games have terminated in the first ten minutes because mid and/or top ‘didn’t roam and assist protect the Rift Scuttler.’ Sometimes this guy says GG in the pre-game lobby only because Yasuo wasn’t banned.

  1. The One Never at Fault

Never loses because of this player. They are stubborn, hard-headed, and irritated, so they quickly pass responsibility to others. Hard-fought team loss? Carrys weren’t prioritized. Just got ganked by the jungler, transported, then got ganked again? Noob jungler hurt. Just lowered the opponent team’s carriers’ health? They should have attacked the opposition team. Total flop? Riot needs better servers since the game lags. One-on-one loss? This champion is broken, therefore it was GG after pick-and-ban.

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