When it comes to cost-effective customer engagement in stores, floor graphics are the way to go. Graphic floors are a brilliant form of marketing that allows you to save space by advertising on the ground. Using this undervalued and overlooked space, you can build your brand, share company messages, and generally elevate the customer’s experience while they shop in your store. Here are five compelling reasons why your retail business should use floor graphics.

  1. Floor Graphics as a Marketing Tool

The number one reason why retailers use floor graphics is for marketing purposes. Using a striking graphic floor, you can capture the attention of shoppers without actually conversing with them or handing them something physical. It is a passive way to get your message across, whatever that may be. With floor graphics, you can let your imagination run wild and use your creative juices to make your customers take notice. Soyang Europe manufactures, distributes, and supplies digitally printable media for a wide array of industries. Their printed solutions include attractive floor graphics, and they can help you share your brand message with customers.

  1. Space Saving Advertising

Studies show that floor advertising can be an incredibly effective way to market products, especially in the past 20 years, as consumers look down more to check their mobile phones. Not to mention, humans naturally look toward their feet as they walk to prevent themselves from tripping over. This is great news for compact stores that need to utilize any spare space they have for their products. Not only will floor graphics highlight what you want to sell, but they also give you ample space to display your products too.

  1. Give Your Store Some Personality

A drab store with bare floors can be revamped with a bold floor graphic. A cool design that’s aesthetically pleasing to look at can give you a competitive edge over neighboring stores. After all, a vibrant store is more likely to attract passers-by than one that is dull and boring. Not to mention, floor graphics give you the chance to give your store some personality. You can use floor graphics to revamp the aesthetic of your store and include brand-specific messages. Great places for floor advertising are areas where store visitors linger for longer, for example, at the entrance of your store, inside elevators, and at the checkout counter.

  1. Great For Promotional Sales

In addition to giving your store some personality, floor graphics can be incredibly effective when it comes to promotional sales. They can be fully tailored to your preferences, which means you can be as bold as you like with your design. From quarterly sales to seasonal sales, floor graphics are cost-effective enough to be used and replaced as and when needed.

  1. Help Customers Find Their Way

Besides advertising and marketing, floor graphics can reduce frustration for customers by preventing them from getting lost in your store. Using strategically placed floor decals, you can direct consumers to various points of interest, such as the checkout counter, the toilets, or the changing rooms.