While almost everyone has top apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram floating around on their phones, the below apps offer niche appeal for those seeking a new skill or hobby. If you’re keen to expand your current horizons with new skills and interests, give these top-rated Android apps a try. 

New Language: DuoLingo

For anyone hoping to learn another language easily, Duolingo is one of the top choices to be found on any platform. With easy vocabulary in all major languages, as well as lesser-known ones (like Gaelic … or Klingon), this is a great language guide choice. As you keep at your lessons and learn new skills, new levels are unlocked, and this give and take approach makes it easy to want to spend just a few minutes more each day brushing up on what you’ve learnt and progressing to the next lesson. 

Image Editing: PicsArt Photo Studio

A firm contender for best image editing app, especially if compared to popular computer editing programme Photoshop, PicArt Photo Studio has proved it can hold its own against well-known brand names. It may appear to have only simple edit tweaks available at first glance, but if you take the time to learn the ins and outs of the app in full, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how versatile it can be. The ability to create multiple layers is seamless, and the collages, drawing tools and effects are well worth exploring. 

Image Editing: SnapSeed

Another top choice for image editing is SnapSeed, who’ve recently been added to the Google portfolio. This filter app borders on becoming a fully mobilised imaging app as well, and we can’t wait to see how it changes in the next year. The control you have over how effects are placed and moved about on photographs is phenomenal, and you can even edit raw camera files, while ensuring lighting and shadows are seen regardless of filter applied.   

Private Messaging: Signal

While there are numerous private messaging apps around, Signal is one which was built with privacy as its main goal, and it’s succeeded admirably. So, if you win big playing keno online real money  games, you can share the news privately, safe in the knowledge no-one else will, know. 

It can truly replace your need to message anyone through your phone directly – though it’s a great stand-alone application as well. It can both send and receive encrypted messages and phone calls, and the developers are truly on their a-game, making noticeable and continuous improvements to the UX design and functionality based on user feedback.  

Music: LiveXLive

Though streaming radio isn’t a new phenomenon, thanks to Deezer and forerunner Pandora, LiveXLive has certainly made it into a simplified art. With the ability to jump between app-suggested music and channels, to being able to visit ones selected by a real person, to jumping onto a thoroughly curated mood mix, you’ll find very little that’s not impressive. Though it is a subscription service, they do offer a reasonable freebie mode for users to test drive. 

Note Saving: Pocket:

In much the way Pinterest is an online visual inspirational messaging board, Pocket is literally your internet bag. It can keep music, videos, articles and pictures saved in snippets for you to peruse at your leisure. It syncs between your numerous devices and can even be accessed offline if you’re suffering from a power and internet outage. 

These niche Android apps will help you to organise your life, all to a snappy tune as you edit your latest pics. Which app are you most excited to try?