Before you hire a realtor, you should consider a few things. A good realtor should have experience with the area or location where you intend to purchase a property. They should also be familiar with the different types of homes in the area, amenities and their price ranges. Lastly, it would help to choose a reliable and timely realtor. Fortunately, there are several ways to find the best realtor for the job.

Personal referrals

When contacting people for referrals, make sure to mention the source of the business. For example, if Billy B. referred you, mention that you are using Billy’s name. Also, ask to meet with the referral face-to-face for a cup of coffee. During the meeting, ask about their expectations, limitations, and must-haves. 

Another important aspect of finding the best realtor is getting personal referrals when purchasing a property. It is important because people have different financial circumstances, priorities, and lifestyles. Hence, not all referrals may be the same. Therefore, you must be careful and research to find the best realtor. In addition, personal recommendations are only useful if you are connected to people who have bought or sold homes in the same area.

While personal referrals are the most reliable way to find the best realtor when purchasing property, they come with risks. It is important to note that personal recommendations are not the same as reviews – everyone has different preferences and situations. Second, the best agent may not be familiar with your neighbourhood or price range.

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Make sure to contact past clients regularly

When obtaining personal referrals, make sure to contact past clients regularly. Stay in touch and send articles to them to promote your services. When they call, make sure to schedule enough time to chat, as they are less likely to give you a referral if they are not aware of your presence. It’s always helpful to meet with clients in person, so make sure to schedule time for a 5-minute chat.

Agent matching services

If you want to find the best houses for sale in Chatham, Ontario, use an agent matching service. These services allow you to get matched with a local agent in your area within hours. There are many benefits to using such services, and the speed and quality of their matchmaking are usually better than you can get on your own. 

Agent matching services are free to use and do not require you to hire the agent they recommend. You’re not obliged to work with the agent recommended by the matching service, so you can walk away at any time if you don’t feel comfortable with them. However, some do not vet the agents that join their networks, and some don’t offer multiple agent matches. 

These services work by learning about the buyer’s needs and preferences and matching them with the right realtor. The matching service will then recommend a shortlist of agents for you to interview so that you can weigh the pros and cons of each. There’s no pressure to hire a particular agent, and you can easily walk away from an agent who doesn’t meet your criteria. Agent matching services also work faster than traditional methods to have your agent selected within minutes or even less than 24 hours.

Consider whether they’re free or paid

When choosing an agent, you should consider whether they’re free or paid. While some agents are free and some are paid, the ranking doesn’t reflect the quality of their work. Therefore, consider using an agent matching service if you’re looking for an agent that offers a competitive rate. These services can cut your search time and ensure that you’re dealing with a quality agent.


A real estate agent’s experience and knowledge are invaluable during the purchase process. They are familiar with the market and the legalities that accompany a transaction, and they can also provide advice on the best way to negotiate a deal. Moreover, they are knowledgeable about the financing options available in the area and can provide a wealth of information to the buyer. Ultimately, a real estate agent can make the difference between a successful transaction and one that ends up being a disappointment. 

Before selecting a real estate agent, it’s crucial to conduct background checks on their qualifications and experience. A good agent will not hide any negative aspects of a property. Agents aren’t required to market every property’s pros and cons, so they should not hide anything from you. But it’s better to hire an agent who is transparent about the pros and cons of the property. You can better assess the agent’s negotiation skills and avoid wasting your time.