If you are currently hurrying to prepare your first large meeting as a business owner, you will know how many different elements there are to think about and how overwhelming this can be. As such, instead of floundering in a giant to-do list before the big day, here are some top tips that will allow you to run your first large business meeting well. 

  • Book Caterers 

One of the first tasks you should complete is booking the caterers you are planning on having. Caterers can get booked up years in advance, so if you want to hire a specific company, it is important that you start thinking about this as early as possible. Although you might not believe that caterers are necessary for a corporate meeting, caterers can take the demands of food preparation off your shoulders and can ensure that your guests remain happy and content throughout the day. Serving your guests food will enable them to stay focused and encourage them to stay longer. As such, when you decide to book caterers for your corporate meeting, you should discuss your needs with companies like Riverhouse Catering that offer event catering

  • Choose the Right Date

However, before you go all in and start making arrangements, you should first think carefully about the date that you are going to host your event. For instance, you need to pick a date when most of your guests will be available and ready to attend a corporate event. This means that you should avoid hosting your event near a major holiday or during the summer months, when people tend to take breaks and go on vacation. You might also want to avoid school breaks when your guests may have childcare commitments. As such, you should try to find an appropriate day at a time of the year when your guests will also not be swamped by work and admin, such as the end of the tax year. 

  • Hire a Speaker

To engage your guests and ensure that their attendance is worthwhile, you should hire a speaker who people will want to hear and who will encourage your most important guests to come to your event. For instance, you might decide to hire an inspirational speaker who has a lot of experience in their field or who has cultivated specialist talks on subjects that you believe are important. This can then allow your guests to stay entertained throughout the day. 

  • Plan Your Event 

To make sure that your event is a success, you need to put a lot of time and energy into planning it rather than leaving it to fate. As such, you should consider sitting down and writing out your ideas for every aspect of it, including your budget. You may even consider hiring an event planner or delegating it to a member of staff so that enough attention can be given to your event in between the other tasks that you need to complete. This will ensure that you have every single aspect of it in hand and that you do not forget about any of your event’s most important elements.