This short article on Toronto Snow Storm 1999 will state you concerning the impacts of the storm on people’s lives.

You may have discovered the two kinds of calamities. The very first is natural, and humans influence another. One particular natural calamity in Canada had shaken and broke the records. Snow storm in 1999 is we’re speaking about.

Our article on Toronto Snow Storm 1999 will show you relating to this natural calamity that happened 22 years back. What were its effects around the lives of those, and all sorts of additional information relating to this storm is going to be shared here?

What’s Snow Storm?

People would like to experience Snowfall, as well as for that, they visit northern parts around the globe. But, Snowfall is loved only to some degree. Whether it results in a problem for anyone, then it’s disliked. Snow Storm describes a really massive fall of snow that triggers disruption, and combined with the snow, a good wind blows. It makes problems for anyone living on the bottom as nobody can re-locate for just about any purpose and also the places are engrossed in snow.

Toronto Snow Storm 1999

An enormous snowfall or Snow storm have been reported in 1999 in Toronto, which in fact had a serious effect on the lives of individuals living there. On The month of january 2, 1999, Toronto received an enormous snowfall that made its way in the US within the north direction. A 40 cm of snow was collected and deposited in the region. A CBC reporter claimed that Toronto had not experienced this type of heavy snowfall within the last two centuries.

The snow wasn’t removed, and Toronto again received huge snow storm the following week. Because of that the city’s mayor, Mel Lastman, known as the Canadian army troop to get rid of the snow. Toronto Snow Storm 1999 was the most heavy Snow storm in history when greater than 100 cm of snow was collected.

Impact of Snow Storm of 1999

Because the Snow storm of 1999 in Toronto was the most heavy ever, people and also the city faced many problems in this calamity.

The airports were closed, and lots of flights were known as off for a lot of days.

Passengers traveling on NWA needed to watch for hrs and were stranded.

Railways were stopped, highways were blocked, people couldn’t visit anywhere.

Schools and businesses were closed for a lot of days.

The outcome of Toronto Snow Storm 1999 had impacted the lives of individuals residing in that region.

Price of Snow Storm

This Snow storm cost the lives of those. Lots of people in america, Canada regions have left. As reported by the reports, there is much dying, including 39 auto-related, 5 associated with the snowmobile, 2 frozen. It has taken lives, however these regions faced a $300-$400 million financial loss. Therefore the aftereffect of this storm was harsh.


According to Toronto Snow Storm 1999, we informed you relating to this natural calamity and just how it impacted people’s lives. The content shows how poorly the regions endured for this reason storm. You can observe more information on the Toronto Snow Storm of 1999 here this link.

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