There are a total of 20500 mantras in the Vedas that cover the whole human race. They were written in the Vedic language, near the Sanskrit language. Rigveda Yajurveda Samaveda, Atharvaveda What is man’s work in the Vedas? How should he be serving the country and the family? There is guidance. All this being said, it is believed God gave the Vedic knowledge to the Sages at the beginning, which could lead to the overall development and improvement of man. Vedic knowledge was given to the four sages Agni, vayu and Aditya.

According to legend, the heart of the four Sages was so sacred that only Vedic knowledge was revealed. The hearts of the Sages are filled with God’s omnipotence and inspiration.

The divine government, from the very beginning of the Vedas until the rule of God has been the guide for humankind’s harmonious lives. Unfortunately, mankind has turned his back on God and the Vedas over the years. It became a campaign after the Vedas were initiated to restore the Vedas by the great Swami Dayananda. He was also a victim of superstition at the time.

He is polluting the minds of the young generation. He was forced to drink poison called Hemlock. Maharshi Dayananda died similarly. This is a fact that scientists have tried to convince Galileo to follow the path of truth since religious superstitions are being refuted by superstitious people. She was not given the truth. Buno stated that scientists poured kerosene onto them and set fire to them. The ambassador allegedly provided the information to Buno.

Maharshi Dayananda anda Saraswati’s tireless efforts are indestructible.

According to the Vedas, it is man’s highest duty to ease the suffering of the poor. This is the core of Vedic knowledge. Giving services to patients, such as food and water, clothing the poor, wisdom to the uninformed, etc., can bring man closer to God. Service is a wonderful way to worship God. However, worship is often limited to worshiping stone or wood idols. We need to expand the scope of worship beyond idol worship.

Also known as The Second God

The Vedas are the first known knowledge of the universe. This raises the question of why the Vedas were not available to the general population because Sanskrit was out of reach for the majority of people living in a Brahmin-dominated society.

The Vedic language has been abandoned by the people. In the past, ashram education systems taught their students Sanskrit and the Vedas. The Sanskrit language in India became outdated over time due to reasons already established.

Some Sanskrit mantras can still be seen in the faces of Brahmins who continue to do the work. This situation makes it seem like Bedri has a miraculous chance to increase his popularity. There is a growing interest abroad in Vedic knowledge. It is important to make a concerted effort to ensure the Vedas are the dominant religion in India.