To learn all details about the video Kebaya Merah Merah case, read the entire article.

Do you remember watching any scandal videos? Are you aware of what happened in Indonesia If you are unsure, please read the entire article. A shocking video taken from Indonesia has been viral worldwide. Many people are aware that Indonesia has strict laws regarding intimate video recording.

Recently, however, there was an awful incident in Indonesia. People searched for video Kebaya Merah Merah TWITTER. Some people are driven to view the viral video on Twitter and other social networks.

What was the viral video?

The viral video became popular on social media last week. The video features a woman in traditional kebaya and a man wrapped in a towel standing. This is the woman playing the role as a hotel employee. The man was a guest.

They were both playing the characters they were assigned, in accordance with the script. They both wore masks in the Kebaya Merah FULL LK21 to conceal their identities. Below are the relevant headings with all social media links.

What was the video about?

The Kebaya Merah-wearing female employee entered the room with an Ashtray to offer to the man. The man suddenly appeared from the washroom and wrapped himself in a towel. The man offered to pay the woman money for lovemaking.

The woman agreed to the intimation and they continued. This scripted clip went Viral via TWITTER. It became the most talked about topic in Indonesia.

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Twitter has made the term “kebaya Merah” a trending topic. This is because it was the first social network where the video went viral. This trending video was seen by many people from all over the world.

This video is one of many leaked videos in the digital age. It spreads quickly. It went viral on Twitter, and was then shared to other social networks.

Full video on

Reddit could not locate the entire video. However, people claimed that the video lasted sixteen minutes. Reddit has some clips and Twitter has some.

The video link was shared by some people in the Twitter comment section. People searched YouTube, Tiktok and Telegram desperately for the video. Many people saved the video and took screenshots.

What is kebaya merah anyway?

Kebaya, a traditional Indonesian or Malaysian top-dressing style, is also known as Kebaya. Kebaya merah refers to a red top. There are three types of Kebayas.

  1. Javanese Kebaya
  2. Indo-European Kebaya
  3. Peranakan Kebaya

The traditional red kebaya was worn by the woman in this video. This is why people searched for it as Video Kebaya Merah.

What was the next step after the video went viral.

Surabaya police detained the couple Monday morning. According to the police, both the man and woman could be sentenced for posting offensive content on social media platforms.

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The Last Words:

Surabaya police initially believed that the two had recorded the video at Bali. The Surabaya police found out that the video was actually shot in East Java in a hotel room. View the reactions of others on Twitter.

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Video Kebaya Merah TWITTER– FAQ Section:

Q.1 What was the gender of the man and woman?

Ans. Ans.

Q.2 Is the man over 50?

Ans. The man is 28 years old.

Q.3 Is the woman over 50?

Ans. The woman is approximately twenty-six.

Q.4 Is there a man living in the city?

Ans. According to the police the man is from Denpasar.

Q.5 In which place does the woman reside?

Ans. The woman lives at Depok in West Java. However, she is originally from Bogor.

Q.6 What do you type to search YouTube for the video?

Ans. Ans.

Q.7 Are they in jail?

Ans. Yes. Yes.

Q.8 Were there any other videos they have made?

Ans. Yes. Yes.