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Did you hear about the internet controversy that recently went viral? People in the Philippines were shocked to see a couple having an affair in a public park. The scandal was well-known and there are rumours of footage being shared online.

The government has stated that it will monitor citizens’ actions and take action to stop them. Information about the Viral Skandal November 2022 can be found here. Please take the time to read this article.

What’s the secret to this “viral scam”?

They were seen sharing private moments. It seems that they both independently shot the footage. The incident was captured online, and it is possible to see them together. However, not all of the websites have the whole video and many URLs provide links to completely different pages.

According to the allegations a person saw a couple sex and alerted police. We have not found any video links broken due to the New Viral Cemetery.

What is the connection between an online crime and

Many platforms claim that they have provided the viral video link. Unfortunately, it is impossible to locate explicit videos. The Video platform link is also included. However, as nothing is seen in the video, we must determine if this is a related controversy or a distinct one.

You should not find anything offensive in the small segments that make the link. It is a graveyard. It doesn’t excuse the viral scandal video of a couple being seen together.

The Scandal went viral on Twitter.

The public was made aware of the controversy after it gained popularity on Twitter and other social networks. This video has explicit content, which is not as easy to find as the other videos.

Even though no website has such videos or content, it is getting a lot of attention and viewers are compelled to click on the link. Twitter doesn’t allow comments and the page is not accessible to visitors.

Full video of the Pinay Viral Scandal Cemetary

The trending video shows young people enjoying a romantic date at a cemetery. There are many platforms that host it. The film should not be shared on these sites as young children frequent them too. It is possible that you are wondering why a Filipino word was used.

Because “Pinay”, a term used for a woman, is the reason. This video shows a female and a male making a connection. Because a woman was involved, they decided to call it “woman”.

Viral Scandal November 2022 Reports

Two juveniles were involved in inappropriate behavior when the controversy surfaced in November 2022. Instantaneously, the scandal was made public via the Internet. It quickly gained popularity. The scandal is gaining popularity in many areas of the country.

Individuals searching online for the film won’t be able find it because it was removed from the Internet. The person who uploaded the film was also banned from the Internet.

Telegram scandal going viral

The Viral Scamal November 2022is primarily due to minors being captured in the act at a cemetery. They were criticized by the public for their demeaning actions. Telegram was not linked to the widespread incident. This is admirable.

Note:We don’t support such incidents. This article is meant to provide information only.


The uploaded HTML video doesn’t contain indecent material and no links are available on any social media platforms that deal with the scandal surrounding the cemetery. If there is a link, we hope it is removed immediately.