Many factors can impact how delta-8 affects your life and how much delta-8 you should take.

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The following are some of them:

  • Your choice of delta-8 concentration
  • Are there any other cannabinoids or terpenes in the product?
  • Your genetic predisposition and body makeup
  • Your tolerance


Delta-8 products are widely available on the market. They can have a variety of strengths. When determining the correct amount of delta-8 to use, you should also consider the product’s serving size. These should be visible on the packaging.

One type of delta-8 gummy may contain 25 mg of delta-8, while another might have 50 mg.

Additional cannabinoids and terpenes

Delta-8 products may contain cannabinoids. This can impact how you feel and what the product does to you. In some products, delta 8, delta 9, and delta 10 are mixed. 

Terpenes are aromatic compounds in hemp that can have direct physiological effects like mood elevation or calming relief. You might feel different when you use terpenes and delta-8 THC.

Genetics and Body Makeup

Certain people are more sensitive to cannabinoids than others. Genetics is a major factor in how delta-8 is handled. Everybody has a unique genetic makeup that affects how delta-8 works in the body.

The amount of delta-8 you need to get the desired results will depend on your body size and fat percentage. Delta-8 is generally more important for larger people.


Delta-8 users who are first-time users will experience a different experience when they consume a dose. You may develop tolerance to delta-8 THC over time. To get the same effects, you might need to increase your intake. Because of this, regular cannabinoid users will use higher levels of delta-8 THC.

Delta 8 for the First Time

Start slow and start low when you begin your journey with Delta 8. The first serving should be small, and then the amount should be gradually increased. This will ensure a positive first experience.

For your first time, a good serving size for delta-8 is between 10 and 15 mg.

This is approximately half of a gummy for most delta-8 gummies. Take one gummy, and cut it in half. Wait at least 30 seconds to feel the effects before taking another bite.

If you are using a delta-8 tincture, This is approximately half a teaspoon or 0.5 mL. Keep your serving under your tongue for 60 seconds before you swallow. If you want to feel the difference, give it a few minutes.

Vaping with a delta-8 disposable vape Or a delta-8 vape cartridge. Take one or more draws and wait until the effects kick in.

You can get more intense effects by taking the second half of the gummy with a little more tincture or another draw until your preferred delta-8 dosage.

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