When it comes to promoting your brand and bringing it to new heights by raising awareness and attracting new audiences, marketing is critical. However, in order to keep your audience engaged in marketing, you must continually evolve and do something new. After a while, the same old dull content won’t be enough to keep consumers interested in your brand. This is why explainer films using 2D animation have become so popular. They transformed the ordinary into remarkable, boosting website traffic and overall digital visitation. But, more importantly, how might cartoon graphics increase traffic to your website? They’re meant to be for kids, right? Continue reading to see why they were such a big success with the public.

1. Simple to comprehend

When provided with both verbal and visual signals, over 65 percent of the population responds better. Because the brain doesn’t have to work as hard, its attention span improves. Because a relevant visual is already there with the information being given, the brain has an easier time processing it. This improves communication by removing all boundaries.

When it comes to comprehension, cartoon explainer films are the most effective. Have you ever wondered why youngsters are so fond of cartoons? Simply said, cartoons are simple to comprehend and absorb. The adorable visuals are readily understood by our brains, and the message is rapidly deciphered. When creating a 2D animation video, the same strategy is employed. It is readily comprehended and remembered by the intended audience. Creating a quality 2d explainer video is a great step to advance your marketing strategy.

2. Captures and Holds the Audience’s Attention

Cartoons and animated explainer videos are both interesting and addicting to watch. Characters are sometimes so well-developed that they are a joy to see. As a result, if you start viewing an animated video, you won’t be able to stop without seeing the whole thing. I mean, no matter how old we become, a toy that comes with a Happy Meal still excites us.

Similarly, whenever we view an animated video, our interest grows, and we end up watching the whole thing with our full attention span. When we dedicate 100% of our attention to a video, we have a higher retention rate. This is a significant advantage of having a 2D animation explanation film created for your company. People will remember your name for a long time when they see your video!

3. Increased Engagement

There are several signals in a 2D animation explanation film. You’ve got the music, the narration, and the visuals to go with it all. Varied areas of the brain are triggered as a result of all these different inputs, increasing your intellect and perceptions. This leads to a greater level of involvement. The more your senses are engaged in anything, the more likely you are to remember it and comprehend it better. When a viewer has this experience, it becomes a memorable one for them and is stored in their subconscious mind for later use. So, even if someone forgets your brand’s name after years, the spectator will remember your brand and its USP.

4. Budget-Friendly

It’s not fair to compare a 2D animation explanatory video to a television commercial. Because you can’t pick who views your ads on television. You will pay a large sum of money, but you will have no control over who watches it.

An explainer video, on the other hand, costs 70 times less than advertising to create and market. What’s more, the greatest thing is that it’s completely free. You may also choose who and when they view it. You may choose your target market based on their interests, preferences, and purchasing habits. Not only does this save you money in the long run, but it also provides some quality leads that are valuable to your company.

5. It’s Simple to Share

What we find intriguing is something we all share. When we come across something amusing or intriguing on social media, we like it and share it with the individuals we want to share it with, whether they be coworkers, friends, or family. Because they are designed in this manner, explainer films are simple to distribute. They have the ideal text-to-audio ratio, yet it does not make it dull or uninteresting. They are simple to distribute and read, unlike blogs!

The greatest aspect is that the animated instructional films are entertaining to watch. Even if you do not want to watch one at first, you will be unable to quit without seeing the whole series. 2D animated explainer videos have this kind of potency.