What’s a pep rally? An pep rallie is also called a Pep Assembly. It brings together students of middle school, high schools, and college age before an event in sport. This event aims to increase school spirit and motivate the team members.

Pep Rallies, which are typically held in American High Schools (students aged 14-18), are common. American schools place a lot of importance on sports. This is done by the school’s athletic department to get students excited for upcoming games.

What happens at a pep rally

What happens at a pep rally?

The students first go to the gym or multi-purpose room, where they are seated on bleachers. Next, the Marching Band plays music. The teacher, team captain, athletic director, principal or coach speech is next. You can also see the Cheer Leader Acrobatics. Everyone in uniforms is invited to introduce the team’s player. They are encouraged by everyone with cheers and noises for Athletics.

Is it enjoyable?

Does everyone love it? It is not. Each person has their opinion. However, I know from my friends that nobody enjoys a pep rally.