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Longs Peak Recovered a Body

A rescue team recovered the body of a Longs Peak victim. According to an official report, the Keyhole route was shut down due to Longs Peak’s body recovery. Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), further stated that the closure would continue up until recovery is complete. Officials also said that they would release more information once the body has been recovered from the site. To avoid the Longs peak Keyhole Routeincident, the officials advised climbers not to climb during snowfall.

Longs Peak

Longs Peak is a well-known mountain in the Rocky Mountains of North America. It can be found in the mountain’s front range. Longs Peak, Boulder County’s highest peak, is also the Rocky Mountain’s highest. Stephen Harriman Long is the mountain’s name. Longs Peak can be seen from Longmont, Colorado as well as the northern Front Range. Stephen Harriman Long, an American expedition leader, is believed to have discovered the peak. The peak is the only fourteener and has attracted many climbers. Many were successful, but some lost their lives.

Death Longs Peak

Longs Peak was climbed by many climbers. Some of these climbers had to die while scaling the peak. These two recent incidents show how dangerous it can be to climb the peak. After falling 100 feet from the summit, a 22-year old climber also suffered a serious injury. Maya Humeau attempted to climb on dangerous routes which lead to serious consequences. Her death cast a pall over the entire area. She was among the young climbers who lost their lives. While climbing highs, she uploaded many photos and videos to her Instagram account. Maybe her greatest mistake was choosing the most dangerous route.

These are just two of many instances in which climbers have lost lives. Many other similar incidents have occurred. Many climbers were forced to use dangerous and difficult alternative routes due to the ice. Many climbers climbed in shorts and sneakers, without gloves.


Longs Peak is the only fourteener in the Rocky Mountains, so climbers have a strong desire to reach the summit. Sometimes, climbers must face dangers such as Death Longs Peak. Many climbers have lost their lives due to these unfortunate incidents. For more information, visit the link

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