Trying to extract data from Google Maps manually can be time and energy-consuming. This is true for all types of industries, be it Google Maps Data Scraping, Yellow Pages Scraping, or Amazon Scraping.

What Is Google Maps Scraping?

Thankfully, so many web scraping tools have been built to help make Google Maps Scraping processes completely automatic and easy for users. There are numerous different tools to extract data from Google Maps to match the different needs of users.

Before we discuss them, however, let us look at what Google Maps Scraping is, how it works, and how it can be of help to businesses and marketers.

What Is Google Maps Scraping?

To extract a large amount of data from Google Maps to Excel automatically without any programming knowledge is known as Google Maps Scraping. Google Maps Data Extraction is done using tools and software that enable users to download data from Google Maps to a structured Excel, CSV, or Text format. It saves precious time and effort of the user instead of copy-pasting data from LinkedIn manually.

How Does Google Maps Scraping Tool Work?

To Use Google Maps Scraper software, you must have a stable internet connection and any version of windows. This Google Maps Data Extractor sends a GET request to the Google Maps website for your targeted keywords and locations.

After sending the request, Google Maps provides the results for your keywords. You can export data from Google Maps search results to excel easily by clicking the button “Export”.

Important Of Google Maps Data

Google Maps data plays a major role in b2b marketing, telemarketing, email marketing, local business, etc. Google Maps data extraction and collection processes are now so important in today’s world because businesses and marketers need to always gather data from the internet to grow a business. A business on Google Maps provides all the information like email, phone number, address, fax number, telephone number, website link, social media pages links, working hours, and much more. So that a customer can find their business easily. You can collect all this data by using Google Maps Data Extractor Software.

Marketers and freelancers use Google Maps Listing Scraper tool to gather the business information from Google Maps in the shortest time. They collect data from Google Maps and then sell it to others on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Businesses and organizations also use Google Maps scraping tools to get competitors’ business information, so they can react quickly and adjust their prices or operations if need be.

Google Map Extractor – The Best Tool To Extract Data From Google Maps To Excel

Google Maps Lead Extractor is an easy-to-use solution that can extract and export business title, business address, reviews, ratings, email address, phone number, social media links, image links, etc. This is a fully automated web scraping tool for Google Maps that will extract all the data you want.

Google Maps is one of the largest business directory websites based in California, offering locations and business details all over the world freely. Extracting data from Google Maps can be quite difficult due to the millions of business profiles. Here Google Maps Email Extractor can help you extract data for your targeted keywords, locations, and business.

How To Extract And Export Product Data From Google Maps Using Google Map Extractor?

Using the Google Maps Crawler, you can select your related business category and choose a specific location or put any business keyword in the search bar of the software. You can see the results for your keywords, here you can apply a filter if you want to extract data from all the Google Maps search results.

The Google Maps Contact Extractor will scrape all the data from a business listing in the shortest time without writing any code. You will see the extracted data on the screen of the software. Now, you can save this data in your computer or laptop in CSV, Excel, or Text format by simply calking on the “Export” button. But, to export Google Maps data, you have to purchase the software. Its price is just 49.9$ for a month and you can scrape data from millions of businesses in just one month by using this Google Maps Business Data Extractor.

Why Google Maps Data Extractor Is The Best Choice For B2B Businesses?

We all know that Google Maps is the gold mine of businesses. Anyone who wants to sell their products or services to businesses, Google Maps is the best platform for them. The Google Maps Phone Number Extractor is the best web scraper for Google Maps for scraping business data. It is the easiest software to use which allows you to download data from Google Maps with just a few clicks. You can apply filters on the selection of data before and after the extraction process. If you are using it, you don’t need to buy outdated data from a freelancer or data provider. Google Places Scraper requires zero coding to use it and everyone can use it easily even if he/she doesn’t have any knowledge about programming or web scraping.