In case your roof is dripping and you’re searching for any permanent solution, choose “Plex519”. Yes, it is among the suggested and finest RV roof coating solutions. It’s been available on the market for any lengthy time, but still today, there aren’t any negative reviews that demonstrate that it’s the best answer to eliminate roof leakage.

The Plex519 roof coating is durable and may survive all of the weather changes.

What’s Plex519?

Plex519 is definitely an elastomeric roof coating that’s 100% acrylic and is the best for roof coating to eliminate leakage. It contracts, expands, and flexes to make sure there’s no leakage and therefore functions as a permanent water barrier. Our prime-quality products utilized in Plex519 allow it to be weather-resistant and provide a lengthy-lasting result.

It’s vibrant white-colored, which cuts down on the cooling cost as well as heat stress and therefore causes it to be quite eyas to keep roofs. It doesn’t get dirt so easily and doesn’t have streaks while signing up to provide a perfect look. You should apply Tape kote before choosing the coating to adhesion towards the leakage. Furthermore, this woven tape bonds with Plex519 and forms the waterproof membrane, which sustains a chilly climate.

The cost from the tape, Plex519, primer, depends upon the region or even the roof and also the coverage. The good thing is it won’t crack or melt due to the alternation in the elements. It is among the best and easiest methods to roof leakage and isn’t so pricey. Today, a lot of companies provide the choice to have this DIY by experts and therefore provide a lengthy-lasting solution.

How you can apply Plex519?

It’s a type of DIY roof coating, however the whole process isn’t so tough. So, should you too are searching to eliminate roof leakage and willing it to possess lengthy-lasting results stick to the below-pointed out steps:

•           First, you have to measure all seams, including mix seams, vents, pipes, etc. So, based on measurement, buy Tape-kote seal tape to pay for it.

•           Tape kote is simply needed to become peeled and stuck on all joints to eliminate leakage. It’s the initial step of roof coating against leakage.

•           Next comes the Plex519 coating, that is applied having a pile roller to obtain the needed thickness. It is made from an elastomeric coating, making the coating durable and supplying good protection.

•           Lastly, apply primer around the Plex519 coating that actually works as adhesive and helps to create a lengthy-lasting coating on the top. Additionally, it cuts down on the maintenance coat and enables you to free of all roof problems.


In most, Plex519 jackets help make your roof leakproof and eliminate all periodic issues. Applying two jackets of Plex519 works just like a rubber tire that forestalls the leakage. It’s stated that individuals who correctly stick to the complete process can eliminate leakage not less than twenty years, also it cuts down on the overall maintenance. So, should you, too, are facing roof leakages, choose Plex519 DIY and obtain a lasting solution.