A woman dreams of her wedding day from her childhood – her dress, shoes, hair, her bouquet, her man, and everything else. She looks forward to a fairytale or dream wedding. The dream wedding is relative and a lot of work from multiple teams comes together to make this special day a success. The decorations at the event must reflect the colors of the day and resonate with the couple’s desire for their special day. A high point at the reception is usually where the bride throws the bouquet. Let’s take a look into what goes into getting a bride’s bouquet in Miami.

Popular Bridal Bouquets

Different floral arrangements containing multiple flower varieties make a great fit for different brides. Sometimes, a bride knows the exact flowers she wants in her bouquet and she goes on to communicate her desire to her florist. A flowers shop should offer multiple options concerning flower types and arrangements for the customer to choose from. Here are some of the most common flowers used in bouquet arrangements:

● Roses

● Peonies

● Anemones

● Lilacs

● Dahlias

● Ranunculus

● Sweet Peas

● Orchids

● Tulips

● Hydrangeas

When going for roses, the bigger ones with a lot of petals produce beautiful bouquets. There are different kinds of roses to choose from. Factors like color, size, and price can be used to arrive at a suitable choice. Roses are usually available all year round unlike some others like peonies. Peonies are usually only available from April to June.

Choosing a Flowers Shop in Miami

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Most importantly, your florist has to have the type of flowers that you want. Do they offer fresh flowers or artificial alternatives? Do you want fresh flowers? Do you want round bouquet, cascade, pageant or posy? Do you want tropical or garden look? Do they grow the kinds of flowers you want all year round? These and many more questions must be answered, preferably in-store.

It helps to walk around the store and look through shelves, catalogs, and pictures to get a feel of what your bouquet will look like. You also get to talk to an in-house florist and have them advise you based on your choice and budget. You also want to confirm the arrangements available for delivery. Do they do same-day deliveries? Does this come at an extra cost? Buds and Petals is a flowers shop in Miami that offers bouquets and floral arrangements for a variety of events. You can benefit from the same-day delivery and get beautiful bouquets made with fresh flowers from a variety of options. You can place an order here.