The investigations to discover White-colored Missing Raheem are going ahead as no reports of his location are yet published.

Law Enforcement are yet to locate a clue concerning the Toronto citizen Mr White-colored Raheem who went missing in excess of four days now. The household and buddies of White-colored Raheem are involved and hopeful about his existence. The Canada information performing a complete analysis to locate White-colored Missing Raheem. Inside a country in which the crime rates are really low, the disappearance of White-colored Raheem is very disturbing. Let’s talk of the details.

Who’s White-colored Raheem?

White-colored Raheem is really a Canadian citizen who increased in Brampton and labored like a local DJ. He accustomed to take part in many parties, clubs, local art occasions, and radio shows. He’d been into cooking and cycling, aside from his extreme curiosity about popular culture. White-colored Missing Raheem is referred to as six ft tall, as an athlete.

The photo of Raheem has become placed on Google. He’s brown hair and eyes, so when he disappeared was putting on a black jacket with black pants, an orange toque along with a black backpack.

How did he disappear?

The report of White-colored missing was initially registered using the Police on 12 , first. He went missing near Osler Street and Pelham Avenue. As time passes, his van is discovered with a few other personal stuff. He last spoken to his mother in Jamaica 2 days before his disappearance. The household of White-colored Missing Raheem hasn’t given many statements towards the media and it is only worried about the return of White-colored.

After extensive searches, whether White-colored Raheem is dead or alive is not established. No trace of his location is famous, and the disappearance remains an issue. The buddies of White-colored Raheem required to social networking to discover anything about him.

No news of the detailed analysis continues to be shared either through the family or even the Police. There has been reports he accustomed to take women to his house after parties, and also the incident might be associated with his as being a DJ inside a certain manner. However, his buddies have denied such inferences.

White-colored Missing Raheem: The Analysis to date

Law Enforcement have shared little details, but it may be established that they’re yet to locate anything substantial about White’s disappearance. The household is hopeful because they consider White-colored like a ‘positive guy’, which looks unlikely within the wake of his sudden disappearance. The van discovered by Police near Lake Shore contained White’s wallet and keys. Law Enforcement have looked everything completely but with no success.


It’s been three days since White-colored Raheem, a Canadian DJ, went missing. Law Enforcement are investigating, and also the household is worried about his location. Whether he’s dead or alive is not yet been established.

The facts concerning the analysis pointed out above claim that the conditions by which White-colored Missing Raheem disappeared are problematic and questionable. To understand more, check this out complete news

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