Almost 50% of the cost of teeth whitening services consists of the cost of consumables. Therefore, the higher the cost of consumables, the lower the margin that goes into the net profit of the dental clinic, since the total cost of the service must be competitive. However, it is possible to reduce costs and increase revenue with the advanced Philips ZOOM teeth whitening lamp and the unlimited chip that powers it.

The Philips Zoom teeth whitening system is safe, effective, convenient, but quite expensive to maintain. However, now it has become easier and more profitable to use it. You no longer need to buy expensive ZOOM kits with 4-lumen attachments. Unlimited chipBleach Infiniter gives an infinite amountteeth whitening cycles.

How to increase the amount of whitening on one nozzle?

Bleach Infiniter has upgraded the world’s most popular and best-selling Philips ZOOM whitening machine to be even safer and more effective. Rather, it made the most important element in it eternal.

Philips ZOOM Dental Whitening Lamp now has more whitenings – now you only need one chip. The infinite chip on the external adapter can be used for more than 10 years. The unlimited Bleach Infiniter chip will allow you to get the desired result without any problems with safety, quality and functionality.

With our Bleach Infiniter, you can go completely unlimited on any Zoom system, including the Zoom 3 Advanced Power Plus and even the latest version 4 Zoom WhiteSpeed. Having invested money once, after the second or third procedure you will start earning, while you will not have additional costs for original consumables and Zoom kits. This is a great solution for both the clinic and the self-employed dentist who wants to expand their customer base with teeth whitening by today’s most popular method.

How to buy an infinite chip for ZOOM lamps

Buy a lamp Philips ZOOM, unlimited chipand the original gel for the teeth whitening procedure at an affordable price can be found in the Bleach Infiniter manufacturer’s online store. You can place an order on the website or by phone with fast delivery to your region. The eternal chip can be ordered both by itself and with an adapter, with which it is attached to a bleaching lamp.

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