Many people have asked What Did Ned Do With, as he is famous and married. You can read our post if you are interested in this topic.

Is it true that Ned cheated on his wife. Photos of Ned Fulmer infidelity on his wife leaked. The news was announced by Ned Fulmer after the photos went viral among Worldwide audience. The photos showed Fulmer was in a relationship with a producer. Ned is the member of the group who speaks the most about his love for his wife. This makes it even more ironic. Who Did Ned Have a Relationship With.

Did Ned Fulmer violate the rules?

After hours of internet rumours, Ned took to Twitter on September 27th and admitted that he had cheated Ariel. Ariel, Ned’s wife, requested that fans give privacy to her family right now in an Instagram post.

The YouTube Career

Recently, Ned left the Try Guys. The Try Guys announced on Twitter, just minutes before Ned’s speech was made, that Ned had left the group.

With whom did Ned Fulmer cheat?

Rumours began to circulate after Ned was not mentioned in any videos or content in September. They burst into flames when a social media user claimed that they had shared a video showing Ned kissing Alexandria Herring and sent it to Ariel, Ned’s wife.

The person who sent Ariel the video said that they had discussed it before. Will Thayer, who is engaged to Alexandria has stopped following her. This Who Did Ned Cheat on His Wife With query.

The Aftermath

While many fans believe that such a scandal of cheating is personal, it is important to remember that Ned has a great reputation for being a perfect husband. Ariel was even hired by Ned to create content for the channel. This makes it more complicated and transforms the whole situation into a business and personal problem.


Ned’s cheating scandal probably has to do with this change in strategy. He was always a major part of their work. Who was Ned Cheat with? This topic is being discussed. Your comments are welcome in the box below.