There is a general perception that women have better oral health when compared to men. In real life, women are more cautious with issues that touch on their health than men, who have a carefree attitude. Women visit the dentist’s office for general checkups and cleaning. Very little can be said about the number of men who adhere to this important requirement. Men often avoid the dentist’s office for up to five years at a time. This makes it harder to catch issues that may affect their oral health on time. Dental exams and cleanings are required to reduce the number of gum ailments and cavities. This also helps to catch any dental issues before they cause serious problems.

But why do many men have weaker teeth than women?Here are 5 reasons that explain the weakness in men teeth Vs women teeth.

1.Heavy drinkers have a higher chance of suffering from periodontal diseases.

Heavy drinkers have a high possibility of suffering from a number of dental issues. The problem is that the number of men who drink excessively is greater than the number of women who drink. Alcoholic drinks have a high PH and this makes them dry the mouth and could also cause decay of the teeth and mouth sores. This also gets worse if the affected person rarely gets dental checkups.

2.Most men are likely to suffer from dry mouth.

Some types of medication, such as those that are used by people with high blood pressure and antidepressants, affect the rate at which saliva is produced. In most instances, people using these drugs don’t have enough saliva produced, and this causes them to have a dry mouth for most of the time. You should know that saliva plays a vital role in the control of bacteria that causes cavities and also protects your enamel. Because men are highly susceptible to high blood pressure, they need to be mindful of the common side effects that are mostly associated with some types of medication.

3.Men are more susceptible to dental trauma.

Men mostly engage in activities that are considered dangerous and which have a high possibility of causing dental trauma. For example, a higher percentage of men engage in contact sports when compared to that of women. Since there are more knocks, the probability of getting cracked teeth is real. However, by taking precautionary measures such as using a mouth guard, those who participate in contact sports can protect their teeth.

4.They use their teeth in unrecommended ways.

In most instances, more men than women use their teeth to open bottles and to pull out nails. These are dangerous tasks that no human being should use his or her teeth for. In most instances, you will end up with cracked teeth, which can affect your oral health negatively.

5.Dental hygiene is not a routine for many men.

The number of women who pay attention to their oral health is higher when compared to the number of men. More women are more likely to floss every day when compared to men. This also applies to brushing routines by both males and females.