Living and dying is a part of our life. It will come to us – we don’t know when. There is a certainty in death, and it is better to be prepared for it than ignore it. Planning your memorialization not only helps to stay prepared but also takes off a tremendous emotional and financial burden off the people who depend on you.

The most pressing issue after the death of our near ones is to make decisions regarding burial and funerals. In that moment of grief, it isn’t easy to make such a decision. So, being prepared helps them deal with the grief properly.

If you are thinking of planning to be buried as a tree in a memorial park, then do not delay. Here are some reasons why pre-planning your memorialization will help you and your family during their greatest sorrow.

Reasons Why You Should Pre-Plan Your Memorialization

Control Over Your Last Wishes:

Unless you have explicitly stated your wishes on how you want to be memorialised, people will have no idea of your last wishes. For example, if you want to be planted as a legacy tree and plan for the same, your loved ones would not have to guess and think about how to honour you. Take your time and consider your options on how you want to be remembered, and rest assured that your wishes were fulfilled even when you were not there.

Relieve Your Family from Financial and Emotional Stress:

Right after death, there are many details to review and things to take care of within the first 24 hours. Your family, who are already dealing with loss, might find it emotionally overwhelming to handle so many things. They will be swept up in so many things that they might not get the time to mourn your loss. 

Apart from that, there is also the situation of financial stress when it comes to arranging for a burial. Pre-planning your funeral and memorialization will help you take care of things on your terms. So, your family will get to step back for a moment, take a breath, and not feel rushed to do a thousand things while also dealing with your loss.

Save Your Money:

Did you know that Melbourne’s cremation costs range between $1,800 to $3,200? A standard traditional burial costs $19,000 on average. Getting hassled in funeral and burial costs at a momentous moment like this will be difficult for your family and loved ones.

Moreover, why spend so much money when you have far more sustainable and economical burial options. You can choose to be buried as a tree in a memorial park. It is an eco-friendly and sustainable way of living behind your legacy, allowing your loved ones to see you grow into a beautiful tree.

Pre-planning your tree is also a cost-effective burial option. You can spend less money on a great-value Living Legacy Tree. Your friends and family can visit it and enjoy watching you grow through the leaves, fruits, and flowers.

Pre-Payment Is An Option:

You can opt for the pre-payment option when you pre-plan your funeral and memorialization. While it is not mandatory, pre-payment comes with several advantages. First and foremost, your funds will be safe and secured in the hands of the service provider. Your fund will be protected against the unpredictable rise in cost or inflation.  

Secondly, your family will not have to worry about funeral and burial services costs. They can grieve you properly, knowing that your remains will be taken care of with utmost care. 

Empowering Family and Friends:

Knowing that your loved ones are not overwhelmed while arranging for your memorial is a reassuring thought. With pre-planned funerals and memorials, you will rest knowing everything will go just like you wanted without disturbing your close ones. It is an empowering thing for both you and your family. 

In Conclusion

Pre-planning your memorialization has many benefits. Pre-planning gives you control over your personal decisions and more importantly relieves the burden on your loved ones.