The term ‘virtual office’ is used to describe a floating office, or a workplace with has no fixed location. Due to the onset of the coronavirus and the lockdown, people were forced to work indoors transforming their own houses into virtual offices. This increased the number of people working remotely anywhere on their smartphones, laptops, and tablets without a fixed working environment.

A virtual office in Malaysia would facilitate the business to a different level. They would allow the organizations to hold their professional presence around the markets in the world. It would provide the malleable business address and other added office support, without actually having a physical office.

How do virtual offices help?

To successfully run a business is to maintain a much larger picture in hand. A physical work environment, and a good corporate image to investors, customers, and vendors matter a lot. It is appealing nowadays who love work flexibility, convenience, and other significant benefits.

There are a lot of benefits to setting up a virtual office in Malaysia

  • No set-up costs: An office comes with a lot of fittings starting from furniture, computers, and buying desks. With a virtual office setting, all the set-up costs are eliminated.
  • A location without the rent: Usually in an affluent country like Malaysia, it is not always easy to find an office-ready location. This is a great benefit of a virtual office. You can cut down on electricity costs, accommodation rent, and insurance.
  • Flexible workplace: Working in the comfort of your home is a reality now. This also increases more options for job opportunities for businesses and employees.

How do virtual offices work?

The growing demand for the business landscape in Malaysia has led to increased demand for flexibility and extreme professionalism. With that has emerged the demand for virtual offices, which can be optimized according to your business needs.

Every package of the virtual office offers different personalized needs to your business. A basic package of virtual offices provides the following services:

  • You have to pay a membership fee similar to land rent, but significantly lower than the commercial fee.
  • They provide a physical business mailing address at a given specific location, for picking up important documents
  • Mail handling services to receive and send mail from the virtual offices. Some may even offer a mail forwarding facility for door-to-door service.
  • An on-site receptionist may be also provided with this package to greet the clients, investors, and vendors at the on-site business location. They would help with standard assistant duties like showing them the meeting space and helping with other requirements.
  • These packages would also include virtual assistants, who would help you with your tasks, emailing clients, data entry, managing your scheduling, and also book appointments.
  • They also provide a physical office if needed. You might need a meeting or a conference room to attract a particular investor, or a small office space you crave. They will simply arrange that.

Bottom line

Virtual offices set up a business ahead by manifold cutting up expenditure, and flexible work hours without compromising their professionalism.