The guide shares details about the Winter Solstice 2021 Northern Hemisphere to update the readers.

In the last six months, the nights are getting longer and days shorter in the Northern Hemisphere. But, it is about to change during the Winter Solstice 2021.

The Winter Solstice is observed every year between 21st and 22nd December in the Northern Hemisphere. The Winter Solstice 2021 is scheduled for 21st December 2021 Tuesday, and it will be the shortest day and official first day of winter.

People in Australia and the United States want to know the science behind Winter Solstice 2021 Northern Hemisphere and browse online for more details.

About Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice is the official beginning of the astronomical winter, and it occurs once every year and is observed between 21-22 December in both the hemispheres. It is observed in June in Southern Hemisphere and in December in Northern Hemisphere. The day marks the beginning of the winter season in these hemispheres.

Many people believe that Winter Solstice is the event that will last for the entire day. But, it only lasts for a moment when the hemisphere tilts far away from the Sun. The solstice holds higher significance across different races and cultures as it signifies season change.

When will Winter Solstice 2021 Northern Hemisphere occur?
Winter Solstice usually occurs in December every year in Northern Hemisphere. However, the time when it occurs change every year due to the solar year, which always differs from the traditional calendar year.

Anyone who wants to be super precise in their observations must know that Winter Solstice 2021 is estimated to occur at 15:59 UTC on 21st December 2021 Tuesday. It is about six hours later than the last year’s winter solstice.

Since the time zone changes according to the country, the Winter Solstice will technically occur on Tuesday in many parts of the USA. Below is the list of countries and when Winter Solstice 2021 Northern Hemisphere will occur.

Bangkok – 11:59 PM Tuesday
Seoul – 12.59 AM Wednesday
Milan – 4:59 PM Tuesday
Qatar – 5:59 PM Tuesday
Calgary – 5:59 PM Tuesday
Orlando – 10:59 AM Tuesday
Honolulu – 5:59 AM Tuesday
Why Winter Solstice Occurs?
Since the earth is tilted on the rotational axis, human experiences different seasons on the earth. Both the hemispheres experience the winter season as it tilts away from the sun. The summer solstice occurs when the hemisphere tilts closer to the sun.

What is the Significance of Winter Solstice?
Winter Solstice 2021 Northern Hemisphere means returning sun, marked as the start of more sunlight on the earth. After the solstice, the days get longer and nights shorter because sunlight increases on earth.

There is also another significance of the event as Ancient Romans celebrated the day as returning of Saturn, the god of agriculture.

Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is like an event that marks when the shortest day starts and night lengthens and continues until summer solstice occurs.

It holds higher significance across different cultures and nations. The Winter Solstice 2021 Northern Hemisphere will be celebrated on 21st Dec 2021, Tuesday at 15:59 UTC.

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