• First, equip the crossbow by opening the inventory. Next, hold down the Tab button to select it from the menu. The middle mouse button activates the crossbow by default. The damage to the crossbow is very small, so it should not be used as an extra weapon.
  • Select the crossbow from Witcher 3 and dress it. Then, press Tab. Everyone, happy hunting!
  • The game “The Witcher-3” is very dependent on the crossbow. The crossbow is essential in the game “The Witcher-3”. The crossbow can also be used underwater.
  • You must bring a crossbow with you to Geralt. Press the Tab key and select a crossbow in the menu. Use the mouse wheel to shoot from the crossbow.
  • One-handed crossbows are a ranged weapon. It is very effective in underwater combat. It works as follows: First, select a crossbow and then move it into its slot. Next, click tab (using the spell sign to click on it and select), and finally click the mouse wheel.

1) Clutching the kolsiko of a mouse, will aim, aim to target, and releasing will proizvedn so vastrel. Takim can aim at the opponent’s head or back (blows to the head or back will cause more damage and be very critical).

2) The second option is simpler. To see the enemy’s health, look at him and then quickly release the mouse wheel. One blow is delivered to the body.

While a crossbow isn’t very effective and can cause serious injury, it is still extremely useful. It can be used against monsters and people alike to take out any opponent who is in the mood to attack. Similarly, you can use a crossbow to easily eliminate the enemy flying above you (garipia or griffin, wyvern, and other winged creatures).

  • Before you can use a crossbow you have to first place it. Here are the functions:

Although shooting may seem strange at first, particularly if you are playing for a while in other games, it becomes a natural part of the game and can lead to positive emotions.

  • Use the keyboard key “Tab” to use a bomb or crossbow in a game. The mouse wheel controls the weapon’s middle button or the weapon itself. It was only introduced in “The Witcher 3”. It is mostly used underwater.
  • The Witcher 3 is a game that involves fighting flying monsters. The crossbow is the most powerful weapon. After clicking the middle mouse button, or turning the wheel, you’ll see that has the weapon in his hands. He can now hit the enemy with precise hits.

You need to follow the following steps in order to use the crossbow in Witcher 3:

  1. We took the inventory and put the crossbow on our own.
  2. Press TAB and select the crossbow from the menu.
  3. Use the mouse wheel to shoot the crossbow. Although the crossbow isn’t the main weapon of Witcher 3, it can be used in certain situations. For example, to make flying creatures descend, it is required to use a crossbow.
  • You will need to follow these steps to use the crossbow effectively in “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”.