Not long ago, WOTLK Classic just ushered in Phase 2. After playing for a while, I found that Phase 2 contains many major updates, including NPCs that steal your WOTLK Gold, free dual spec and so much more. 

  1. New Epic Gems – Stormjewels

Now, let’s get started with the new Epic Gems already in WOTLK Classic Phase 2, which are called Stormjewels. They can be found from Bag of Fishing Treasures from Marcia Chase in Dalaran. She has these daily fishing quests that will give you a chance to obtain a Stormjewel. Now, these Stormjewels are Epic Gems that are now in Phase two that give you a stat bonus higher than any of the other rare counterparts. And there’s a Stormjewel for every stat that you’re looking for the Bold Stormjewel for Strength, Delicate Stormjewel for Agility and so on.

Marcia Chase

I would recommend you to do your fishing dailies every day and try to get some of these Stormjewels for a four point improvement over the rare counterparts. For example, the Bold Scarlet Ruby will give you 16 Strength, but the Bold Stormjewel will give you 20 Strength. And for example, the Runed Scarlet Ruby gives you 19 Spell Power while the Runed Stormjewel will give you 23 Spell Power. So, that is the four point increase in stats over the Scarlet Ruby that you get from the Stormjewel on Benediction. These Stormjewels are already selling four thousands of WotLK Classic Gold. So, if you want to get your Stormjewel, which will be your best in slot gem for one of your slots. Go ahead and start doing your fishing dailies.

  1. New Argent Tournament Daily Quests

Moving on to the second update. We have new Argent Tournament daily quests. You probably know about gathering the lumber and gathering the stone. But, did you know that you can already start practicing mounted combat? That’s your thing. Personally, I think it’s a lot of fun. You can start doing that as well and it’s not just for farming WoW WotLK Gold.

Argent Tournament

You actually can start ascending the ranks of the Argent Tournament, which is actually a Time Gating activity. So, if you kind of just disregarded the Argent Tournament daily quests as just dailies, there’s actually some value behind it. You do want to start ranking up with the Argent Tournament. Now one of the quests does involve kissing frogs after applying some balm and you have to actually type in slash kiss. So, it can be kind of annoying.

  1. New Item Drops In Heroic+

Let’s move on to the third update. We have new item drops in Heroic Plus Dungeons. Now, if you’re looking for a specific item of 10 man loot in Heroic plus, it might be hard to know which boss drops what gear. If you can make a full spreadsheet detailing loot tables sorted by a boss, you can hunt down exactly that piece of loot that you’re looking for when you’re doing Heroic Plus.

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  1. Flame Caps Are Nerfed

Let’s move on to the fourth update. We have Flame Caps now. Flame Caps recently have been nerfed. They will now share a cooldown with potions, which of course they did not. And you could use a potion and a Flame Cap, which would be a massive buff. However, this is a big nerf because now you have to choose one or the other. This of course will cause Flame Caps to decrease in price. Actually, Flame Caps are still quite a nice item but now they’re going to be less powerful.

Flame Caps
  1. Dual Spec Was Free
Dual Spec

Let’s move on to the fifth update. The Dual Spec we have was free but only for a few hours. Once servers were live and then they removed the option to get dual spec in order to stop players from getting Dual Spec for free on all of their characters. Now, if you were one of the lucky few to get Dual Spec for free on all your characters, big congratulations to you for hopping on that opportunity. If not, it looks like you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way like me. Because I was too slow. I didn’t believe it at first and then when I finally got around to doing it, they had already disabled it by that time. It’s not a big deal though.

  1. Emblems Of Conquest Are In The Game

Let’s move on to sixth update. Emblems of Conquest have finally been added to WOTLK Classic Phase 2. You can start collecting them right now. You don’t have to wait for Ulduar Heroic Daily Quests reward Emblems of Conquest. So every single day, you can start getting those Emblems of Conquest, which is going to be valuable because you can get your best in slot here eight items with your Emblems of Conquest. You can also get other items that are very powerful. Maybe they are not BIS but they will be very strong with Emblems of Conquest. 

Emblems Of Conquest

You can also get Ruined Orbs with them. So, there’s always value to having emblems of clown Quest. And in addition, you can also get Emblems of Conquest from Heroic Plus Dungeons because at the end of a Heroic Plus, there will be a bag that is filled with Emblems of Conquest. You can do as many Heroic Plus Dungeons a day as there are Dungeons. 

So, if you really wanted to, you can farm quite a few of Emblems of Conquest if you do Heroic Plus World Tours every single day to get as many Emblems of Conquest as you can possibly get. Of course, you have to win the role do it with guildies whatever your plan is.

  1. Naxx Skip
Naxx Skip

Let’s move on to the seventh update. We have the Naxx skip. You can go straight to Saffron and Kel’Thuzad now as of Phase two, which is actually going to be very helpful for players looking to get the Immortal and Undying achievements. The Immortal and Undying achievements do still require you to clear the entire raidwithout any deaths during any boss encounters, within a single lockout. 

But that can now be done in any order, so you can choose to do Saffron and Kel’thuzad first now, which you could argue are harder than most other bosses more likely to kill players than the others to know whether or not to sink more time into trying to get a immortal / undying based on if anyone died during the Saffron or Kel’thuzad encounters. If you get those two bosses out of the way might be much more likely to do the rest. So, that’s kind of a nice new addition for those who are still trying to get Immortal or Undying.

  1. NPCs That Steal Your Gold

Let’s come to the eighth update. There are NPCs that steal your WoW WotLK Classic Gold. They’re called the Saronite Mine Slave. 

Saronite Mine Slave

Players are reporting on the World of Warcraft forums while doing a quest known as Slaves to Saronite that it is currently bugged after a player interacts with the Saronite Mine Slave, they’re out 500 WoW Classic WotLK Gold, which is crazy. Because many players were doing this quest not even realizing that every time they interacted with the Saronite Mine Slave, they were losing 500 WOTLK Classic Gold and at the end of it, they had lost thousands of WOTLK Classic Gold, which of course is very unfortunate for them. But it is funny that these Saronite Slaves end up stealing people’s Saronite Mine Slave. 

Here we have some comments that I thought were pretty funny. The player Matthew said, I just started doing my daily rounds and when I got to the “Slaves to Saronite” daily, I heard the gold sound when I attempted to rescue one. After a few tries, I became suspicious something was wrong because I was missing 5 000 Gold. I did one more rescue and saw that each slave you interact with takes 500 gold from you. I am currently missing 5500 Gold. 


I want my money back. That is absolutely hilarious unfortunate for that player, but so funny that these Saronite Mine Slave stole their Gold as they were being rescued absolutely hilarious.

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