If you’re a Verizon Telecom user within the U . s . States, you most likely often hear concerning the new phishing scam. Individuals are now receiving texts using their own number having a suspicious link. The messages thank the recipient for payment of the March bill, and there’s a hyperlink that claims to provide a gift.

The Verizon Spokesperson, confirmed that the organization understands the phishing scam targeting many Verizon users. They’re positively collaborating around police force to recognize and block these junk e-mail messages.

Continue studying to understand much more about the Your Bill Is Compensated for March Scam.

What’s the Scam About?

Your Bill Is Compensated Scam may be the new text scam within the U . s . States, which time users are experiencing junk e-mail messages using their own number. People think that scammers have found new methods to do scams. For instance, they’re hacking their Verizon account or spoofing their number to transmit junk e-mail messages.

It’s a text scam where individuals are becoming junk e-mail messages by way of thanking them for having to pay the monthly rental and bills for March. However, they’re also getting a link that claims to provide a gift towards the user using the message. But it’s a gimmick and should be prevented.

How Scammers are Performing Your Bill Is Compensated for March Scam?

Scammers are becoming smarter and taking advantage of new techniques and methods to scam people. Now, they’re while using phone figures of Verizon users to transmit them scam texts. Additionally, scammers are hacking and spoofing their figures and delivering scam texts utilizing it. Consequently, people complain that they’re receiving texts using their own figures.

The scam texts are sent to thank people for having to pay their March bills. Combined with the texts, people obtain a link that they need to click to assert their gift. Because they click the link, they’re being redirected to 3rd party website not connected with Verizon. Your Bill Is Compensated for March Scam starts here. Users are advised to talk about their credentials along with other details to assert the reward or gift.

What Have Users Stated?

After evaluating, we found lots of people required the discussion forum and social networking channels to reveal and share their encounters using the world.

Lots of people reported the scam simply because they frequently got the written text message to assert the present. Quite a few users have reported and claimed that they’re being redirected to some Russian web site to claim the present.

Your Bill Is Compensated for March Scam has targeted many Verizon users, and individuals are frustrated and advocating the organization to part of and take measures to prevent happening. Additionally, you might look into the comments and browse the Threads online.


Verizon is really a telecom company with countless users in the usa. Lately, scammers happen to be targeting users with text scams. Scammers are actually delivering scam texts while using user’s telephone number.

Scammers are delivering grateful messages for having to pay the March bill and advocating these to click the connect to claim a present. Verizon understands Your Bill Is Compensated for March Scam, and they’re working carefully around police force to acknowledge the sources and stop them from happening. Until it’s resolved, please browse the useful tips about how to Safeguard Yourself from the Scam.