This is a story about a horrific murder that began with two strangers talking on the forum at Zambian Meat. Learn more about Zambian Meat Cannibalism Canada.

Did you know that information about the Zambian Meat Cannibalism Case is available on the internet in the United States of America, Canada, Ireland, Ireland and Australia? Did you know that Zambian meat cannibalism was linked to a murder case? Did you know that the main accusation in the Zambian Meat Cannibalism was a police officer

Let’s look at the details and timeline of this horrific incident in the Zambian Meat Cannibalism Canada write-up.

The incident of Zambian Meat Cannibalism

Detlev was employed at the Saxony State Office of Criminal Investigation. He was 55. Detlev was a member of the Zambian Meat Cannibalism forums, where he met and married his victim online. Hanover was home to the victim, who was 59 years old.

Detlev had been in touch with the victim for some time and they exchanged emails, messages, as well as conversations via chat forum.

Detlev has been informed by the victim that he wants to be Cannibalized and killed as a youngster. It resented the victim’s suicide tendencies.

What’s Zambian Meat

Zambian Meat hosts a forum for members where they can discuss Cannibalistic fantasies and Illegitimate ones.

Details about the incident:

They met at Dresden main station on the 4th of November, and then they went to munch-on in the vicinity of the Czech border.

During their meeting, they agreed that the victim would be killed and cannibalized. Both of them then went to Detlev’s guest house in the Ore Mountains.

Detlev took his victim to the basement in his guesthouse. Detlev used a knife on the victim to inflict serious injuries. He also tortured him, cut off his body parts, and eventually dismembered him.

Zambian Meat Wiki:

Online sources indicate that this type of incident, Cannibalistic, and Illegitimate Fantasies, is not new to the forum at Zambian Meat.

Detlev, however, did not admit to eating any victim’s body parts. Detlev had, however, buried the victim at the guesthouse garden.

Detlev’s Arrest

Detlev was detained by German police on 13th November 2013. Detlev’s coworkers said that Detlev was normal and didn’t have any suicidal tendencies, mental disturbances (or) any desire to kill.

Detlev’s colleagues were shocked to learn about his activities at the Zambian Meat Forum.

Court’s Verdict:

Dresden Court found Detlev guilty and sentenced him 8 years and seven months in prison.

The prosecution sought life imprisonment. However, the victim’s suicidal behavior was too strong for the court to ignore.


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