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Apart from the people from Australia, Canada and the United States, all over the world celebrate Good Friday.

Are you interested in knowing what 2022 will be like for Good Friday Greek Orthodox ? Based on the Julian Calendar, Good Friday was celebrated on April 22.

Good Friday of Greek Orthodox

Good Friday in Orthodox is observed following Easter. It is observed according to the Julian Calendar. However, Western Churches observe by following Gregorian Calendar.

Orthodox churches follow the traditional Good Friday. It isn’t considered an official holiday. Good Friday is observed the 3rd of April 33 A.D., for the first time. In the past, Good Friday was called “Pascha of the Cross.”

Like every year is also the year that Greek Orthodox Christians of the US observed Good Friday as a day of fasting, prior to the celebration of Greek Orthodox Easter 2022.

What is Good Friday?

The word “Good Friday” is used to refer to the day of Good Friday. Good means holy. Good Friday is celebrated to mark Jesus’ Crucifixion by Jesus. It is observed as a part of the Paschal Triduum. Good Friday may also be referred to by the names of Great Friday and Holy Friday.

The celebration on Good Friday includes fasting and offering a service to the church. “Service of the Great 3 hours Agony” is celebrated in numerous churches. It takes place between noon and 3pm according to the Bible is thought as the time of darkness that covers the area from the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

More Details on 2022 Good Friday Greek Orthodox

Every year, the time of Good Friday differs. The exact date is different in both Gregorian as well as Julian’s calendar. The Eastern as well as Western Christian communities do not disagree on the calculation of the day in the period between Easter to Good Friday. Good Friday is celebrated as a day of public celebration throughout the globe.

Certain Christian countries, such as Germany restrict certain types of activities on Good Friday. These include dancing, and racing horses.

Orthodox Christians in Jerusalem observe Good Friday by a procession. The procession is accompanied by all 14 of the stations in Via Dolorosa which is an Latin word. It translates to ‘Way of Suffering’.

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Jerusalem Procession Jerusalem Procession was a popular event following the escalating violent conflict that erupted that erupted between Israelis as well as Palestinians.

There is a tradition that Byzantine Christians observe Good Friday Also called The Order of Holy and Saving Passion of Jesus Christ the Lord. Christ. The celebration begins on Thursday evening with the Matins from the twelve Gospels of Passion.


While different countries observe Good Friday in various ways, the intention behind it is similar. It is a day to remember that of the Crucifixion by Jesus. The date for celebrating Good Friday or Great Friday is different according to Julian and the Gregorian Calendar.

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