Because of a chronic illness, due to age, or after an unfortunate accident, you may find it hard to care for yourself independently. For instance, you may not be able to look after your diet or do regular chores with ease. Thankfully, there are Philadelphia personal health care services for help. You can consider getting a home health aide, who can be your constant support as you recover and heal. We understand that your family and friends are willing to help, but no one cannot devote as much time as you need. If you are wondering what to expect when hiring a home health aide, we have listed some details below. 

  1. Personal care: Unless it is indispensable to stay in a hospital, you would want to be at home and enjoy your everyday life. Your home health aide will take care of personal care, which includes ensuring that you bathe, eat, and do your chores on time. They will help you with personal hygiene, oral care, and all other related tasks. 
  2. Activities of daily living: For many patients, personal care is not a big concern, but they still cannot do many things like running errands or going to doctor’s appointments alone. Your personal aide can take over these responsibilities, including tasks like shopping for essentials. 
  3. Housekeeping: No matter the situation, you deserve to live in a clean and well-maintained home, and your home health aide is responsible for that. They can do light housekeeping tasks like doing the dishes, cooking your meals, and doing laundry. Having someone around will also give you the confidence to get independent sooner. 
  4. Companionship: As someone who had a normal life and is now alone due to circumstances, you know the relevance of companionship. Your home care aide will offer you the company you need. From watching a movie to discussing and reading together, you can expect to find a friend who is there to care for your emotional needs. 

Hiring a home health aide

You need to look for an agency that provides home health care in your area. Ask them about their workers and caregivers and ensure they understand your needs. You can have a home health aide who stays with you around the clock or finishes the job in a few hours. It also depends largely on your condition and whether you have other people and caregivers around you for additional support.