We often associate soft toys with kids. But that is not the complete truth because soft stuffed toys are for everyone, regardless of their age or gender. Stress and anxiety keep affecting us all from time to time. But did you know that stuffed toys can significantly help to improve mental health? A warm hug from a 53 inch teddy bear can work as a natural treatment for relieving anxiety symptoms. The squeezy nature of soft plush toys makes them as good as a stress ball.

In this article, we will see how stuffed animals can help deal with serious mental problems. 

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Stress has become a very common mental health issue today. As life keeps on going, we encounter certain situations where we feel stressed. Though we cannot completely eradicate the cause of stress, we can surely reduce it to a great extent naturally. A hormone called Cortisol reduces stress, and thus its presence is indispensable. Many experts claim that having friendly companions with you can lead to the release of cortisol hormones. That’s the reason why doctors often recommend having a trip or conversation with friends with people who are dealing with stress or anxiety. 

However, some people feel shy when it comes to sharing their stress problems with others, mainly because of the fear of being judged. But a plush brown teddy bear can be your best buddy with whom you can share anything. Coming back home to a stuffed plush bear can eliminate the negative energies of a tiring day and can create a therapeutic setup exuding positivity and love. They will listen to you whenever you feel stressed, and their company will keep you sane even in the roughest times. 

Cures Loneliness & Provides Comfort

We tend to feel lonely sometimes, even when we are surrounded by many people. It happens more often when we move away from our home to a new location for work or study. Loneliness drives us crazy and becomes the cause of anxiety problems. However, many people who suffered loneliness have admitted that stuffed toys like a soft bear have helped them cure their loneliness. The fact that stuffed toys stay with you forever makes them your permanent or life-long companions. 

With a stuffed bear beside you, there will never be a lonely moment in your life. They make great friends as you can share with them anything that you want to without any fear. Even your deepest secrets will be safe with them. You wouldn’t have to turn to your disloyal friends to get rid of your loneliness when you have loyal and trustworthy life size stuffed toys. They won’t let you feel suffocated even if you are alone within the four walls of your home.

Soothes Grief and Trauma

It will be surprising for you if I say that stuffed toys are used in trauma treatments. We all experience losses and shocks at a certain point in our life. These traumatic experiences not only deplete our confidence level and self-esteem but also leave us grief-stricken. Stuffed animals can help deal with situations like these. They are considered comfort objects as they can provide a comforting environment. They have the ability to relive the trauma in both children and adults. Many therapists recommend that when you are going through a trauma or a tough phase in your life, you should surround yourself with soft plushy things like a hugging teddy bear. 

A 53 inch teddy bear can offer immense comfort to you. Stuffed animals can ease patients dealing with loss and grief. Letting out the pain in the form of tears or crying on the shoulders of a big teddy bear can be a great therapeutic experience for anyone. As you already know, symptoms of separation or dissociation can begin from childhood, especially in the case of any traumatic childhood experience. But having a teddy bear animal can do miracles to reduce the onslaught of such mental issues. No one can deny the fact that stuffed animals provide a sense of security, rebuild impaired attachment bonds, and help to overcome grief.

Keeps Hormonal Level Balanced

Stuffed toys can be extremely helpful in keeping your hormonal levels balanced and normal. Just like Cortisol, there are several other types of hormones that regulate our bodily functions. Even the slightest disorder or disturbance in the quantity of these hormones can lead to major health issues. You may not know that the mechanics of hormonal secretion is somewhat related to our thoughts. What we think inspires our glands to secrete hormones. 

Stuffed animals can help to excite the pituitary and other glands to keep the hormonal balance. As the environment is a major factor in keeping the hormonal levels balanced, stuffed animals offer a favorable and stable mental as well as physical environment. Undoubtedly, these fluffy companions can be a great source of warmth that can help you heal faster and feel better. 


These are some ways through which stuffed animals like a teddy bear or gorilla teddy can help to combat mental issues. Teddy bears can help you live a healthy life. Thus, do not underestimate their power by labeling them as being just a toy for children. Clearly, they are much more than that! So, instead of thinking about your age or what people are going to say about you, get a fluffy teddy bear right away!