A serving platter offers many benefits. It provides a stable surface for food, drinks, and other items to be displayed. It also provides a stylish way to present your food and drinks, and it may enhance the kitchen décor or that of a party  that you are hosting. 

Serving trays are frequently used in every special celebration or occasion, so it is essential to know your options when selecting one. To choose the serveware, consider its main purpose, what will be placed on the platter and the décor that will surround it?

How to Pick the Right Serveware?

Picking a set of serveware is an important decision because it is something you will use on a daily basis as well as for special occasions. Finding a serveware pattern that you like is important, but size and durability should also be considered.

  1. Consider the Aesthetics

Although function should be the first consideration when selecting a serving tray, appearance is also important. When buying your serveware, beyond function, also consider the design. Is it visually appealing? 

One thing about serving platters is that they can improve your kitchen decor. Cheese boards are one of those perfect serveware that can both step-up your kitchen decor and present your food stylishly. Cheese boards would work well at an event with modern décor

If your cheese board will be mostly used for decoration, it can be any size, shape, color, or material you want since its primary function is more about presentation than function.

  1. What Size are You Looking For?

You should also consider the tray’s size to ensure that it can be easily carried and stored. Serving tray dimensions can vary depending on the shape; trays come in a variety of sizes. A small serveware is ideal for small snacks like candy, grapes, or nuts. Consider a larger tray or cheese board if you require a larger serving tray for food.

You also want to get the right for your cabinets, shelves, and dishwasher. You might like the appearance of those big, delightful plates, but you won’t if you can’t close your cabinet doors! Before purchasing anything, consider your storage and space constraints. Just make sure you get dinner plates that will fit in standard cabinet doors.

  1. Consider the Material

Are you searching for a particular type of material? When looking for the best serveware, make sure you choose a material that is suitable for you. Because of the natural, sustainable materials, a serving tray made of wood design or bamboo, for example, can fit your green lifestyle. On the other hand, a resin coaster will sit more with you if you want something artistic.

  1. Work Within Your Financial Constraints

You should find out exactly how much you can spend comfortably before making any purchase. The cost of serveware ranges from easily affordable on almost any budget to extremely expensive. 

The budget should be calculated based on the number of place settings and any accessories. If necessary, you can buy the necessities first and save up for the extras later. However, keep in mind that high-quality serveware is a long-term investment.

  1. Purchase Enough Pieces to Host a Large Dinner Party

Your household may only have one or two people right now. However, larger families, parties, and gatherings should be planned ahead of time. You’ll be happy you did! If you have the space and the means, buy enough table settings for the largest dinner parties you can imagine hosting in the next decade.

Tip: To guarantee you have sufficient serveware for everyday use and entertaining, most specialists advise having eight to twelve five-piece place settings. If you’re buying two sets, one for everyday use and one for special occasions, you could go with four to six informal place settings and up to 12 formal place settings. It actually depends on the size of your family, how often you entertain, and how much capacity you have.

  1. Quality Should not be Compromised

Because you will be using these dishes for many years, it is worthwhile to invest in high-quality dishes. Invest a few extra dollars to get exactly what you desire even though it takes a little longer.

  1. Formality Level and Purpose

The best serveware is also determined by how it is used. You should select serveware that complements the environment they wish to create. Additionally, if children will be handling the serveware, shoppers may want to invest in something lightweight and durable.

  1. Open Stock

You can buy serveware in individual pieces from open stock. This option is ideal if you want to mix and match your serving plates. If you only require a few pieces, open stock is also an excellent option.

  1. Caring for your new Serveware

We have established that you consider your storage space before purchasing serveware. In the same way, consider the maintenance of your serveware before committing to a purchase.

Break-resistant serveware sets are suitable for outdoor outdoor dining and if you have children. Confirm the care instructions to make sure that your serveware is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. 

Here are cleaning tips for your serveware:

  • Hard-water stains on your dishes can be removed by soaking them in white vinegar for three minutes followed by rinsing and towel-drying.
  • Coffee stains and fork marks can be easily removed by rubbing a baking soda and water paste over the dented surface before rinsing and drying.
  • Stacking the more frequently used plates and bowls is fine. But to avoid scratching and chipping, store them in a padded storage case or with fabric between each piece.


Serveware is used to serve food. This category includes all dishes used to bring and present food to the table. Whether you’re serving your household or hosting guests, you want to make sure you’re using the right serving utensils. With so many different types of serveware available today, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. 

But then, choosing a tray that is both functional and attractive, can truly tie together a fine meal or event. In addition to purchasing new serveware, also make adequate plans for the maintenance. Avoid breakable dishes if you have younger kids.