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Kenan Thompson: Who are you? Kenan Thompson’s spouse Christina Evangeline is she? What happened? Christopher Jerell Redd is a well-known stand-up comedian in the United States. Christina Redd was Kenan Thompson’s ex wife. Chris red, her co-star, was her first love. You can read Chris Redd Kenan Thompson Widow article to learn more about their relationship.

What’s the relationship of Chris Redd to Kenan Thompson’s wife?

It is believed that Christina Evangeline, Kenan Thompson’s ex wife, is now dating Christopher Jerell Redd. He is a Saturday Night Live cast member.

Christina Evangeline, her husband Kenan Thompson, had ended their relationship a few months prior to this. Chris Redd is her new friend. He is her Saturday Night Live co-star. Sources claim that Kenan Thompson’s ex-wife Christina Evangeline, Girlfriend of Chris Redd.


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Have they been in a relationship before?

Media reports indicate that Chris Redd was legally married to Christina Evangeline in the past year. There was no mistrust or gap between them. They have been inseparable for six years. Both appeared on Kenan’s sitcom together. However, they only had friendly interactions. Continue reading to learn more about Kenan and Christina Thompson.

Kenan Thompson bank Worth?

Kenan Thompson was born in America. His Networth is estimated at $20 Million as of November 2022. He began his career in acting and is now a stand-up comedian.

Is Thompson breakup Christina?

Christina Evangeline and Kenan Thompson had been living apart before filing for divorce. Kenan Thompson divorced his wife and started dating new people. He even reported in the media his relationship to Chris, his ex-wife. It won’t bother Kenan Thompson.

Are they Parents or any children?

Kenan Thompson is the father of two daughters, and both are boys. Thompson married Christina Evangeline in 2011. Thompson and Christina Evangeline were married in 2011. They had two daughters. One of their daughters was born in June 2014. The year June 2014 was the birth of one child. The August 2018 birth of the second baby was the more recent.

When can they be separated?

After a happy life together, they separated on 7th April 2022. However, they continue to co-parent their daughters.

What Age Name of their children?

Kenan Thompson is married to Christina Evangeline and they have two daughter children. Their names are Georgia Marie Thompson & Gianna Thompson. The oldest girl is 8 and the youngest is 4.

Thompson is well-known for his role as the Saturday Night Live star. Kenan Thompson is the casting partner for the comedy series NBC sketch. His Saturday Night Live series makes him the most prominent personality in his career.

Kenan Height & More

Kenan was in America on the 10th of May 1978. Kenan is now 44. He is well-known as a comedian and American Actor. Kenan Thompson is 1.74m tall. Many of his fans are curious about this. Stay tuned for more news.

Chris Redd (SNL), has been dating Evangeline. She is the divorced wife of his costar Kenan. Either of them were approved last year and there was no overlap or cheating.

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American actor and comedian Kenan Thompson. Chris Redd is his costar. He is currently in a legal relationship to Kenan Thompson’s ex-wife Christina Evangeline. More information is available on the Wikipedia page. This link will tell more about Kenan’s marriage to.