This post on Error Code GE004 Bienestar Azteca is going to solve all your problems while accessing Benito Juarez Scholarship. Please read it until the end.

Are there any mistakes you made while applying for the Benito Juarez Scholar? What is the solution to this problem? Students from Mexico have difficulties obtaining their scholarships via the Bienestar Azteca App. Don’t worry student, we have the answer to your problem. Please read this post until the end to find all the solutions to Error Bienestar Azteca.

Error While Collecting Benito Juarez Scholarship 2022

Benito Juarez Scholarship Announcement By Coordinators

  • The Benito Juarez Scholarship coordinators announced that scholarships will be available for deposits starting on the 15th July 2022.
  • The coordinators advised the beneficiaries to receive the $1,680 scholarship.
  • High school students immediately accessed the Bienestar Azteca platform in order to receive their scholarships.

Beneficiaries Are Facing Errors

  • Some reports claim that high school students have problems with this platform because they access it in advance.

Que ESA GE004 En Bienestar Azteca and Other Errors

Login Error For Benito Juarez Scholarship

  • Login error is one of the many problems students are facing. Although the cause of this error is not yet known, some have found the solution.
  • This will solve the problem. Then, install it again.
  • Allow GPS access to your location. Please note that students must include the address of their home in GPS.
  • Next, go to the application to grant access to all permissions.
  • Next, enter your username/password. It’s done.

Do you have a geolocation issue? Continue reading this article on Error Ge004 Bienestar Azteca.

Geolocation Problem Or Error

  • Benito Juarez Scholarship recipients are often faced with geolocation issues or errors. Students may face errors such as “Something goes wrong”, or “try enroll later” when applying for scholarships.
  • This is how you can get your Benito Juarez Scholarship.
  • This geolocation error is occurring because students have not been granted access to GPS to Bienestar Azteca, or Aztec welfare platform.
  • This will solve the problem. Go to settings and search for Aztec welfare.
  • To solve Error Ge004 Bienestar Azteca or geolocation error, you need to go to Aztec welfare. Here you can view permission and activate all features.
  • That’s it. This error will never happen again.


This post summarizes that students who receive maintenance notices should wait for their platform to be released. Students can visit the Benito Juarez Scholarship office in their locality for any questions or clarifications. This link provides more information and updates on Benito Juarez Scholar.

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