Water is truly the utmost important element for the survival of mankind.  However, our world and its natural resources are now exposed to a lot of pollutants and contaminants. In a situation like this, water that has been purified is an essential resource for every individual on earth.

It is through technological empowerment, that we can say we have access to clean water. Although the tap water in our homes may appear clean, it contains a variety of germs and viruses that can harm our health, along with fluorine compounds, chlorine, mercury, lead, pesticides, and other types of garbage. And that’s why it becomes even more important to have filtered water. But thanks to RO water purifiers like Pureit Water, getting a glass of clean water is super easy nowadays.

Importance of Using RO water purifier

Using an RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifier is the most excellent and easy option if you don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. RO delivers the highest level of purity. Your immune system benefits from drinking water that has been RO-purified, in addition to several other health advantages RO offers. Here is a complete mantra of the importance of water filtration and how an RO water purifier can match the checklist.

  • RO or reverse osmosis is used on almost every scale, whether large (such as treating wastewater) or small.
  • RO system can remove more than 90  per cent of drinking water tds and improves the taste, odour, and appearance of the water. Good quality RO purifiers like Pureit Classic G2 Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier not only purify the water but enrich it with valuable minerals and add a subtle taste.

You can always have flavourful water for your black coffee.

  • RO water purifier has been proven to be unmatched when it comes to providing effective and affordably purifying water at any time. By applying pressure on a synthetic membrane, reverse osmosis eliminates TDS from water along with toxic chemicals and hard metals. Hence, when it comes to effectiveness, Pureit’s range of Vital Plus Series comes with NewGEN technology that helps to remove not just TDS but also bacteria, viruses, cysts, chemicals, and pesticides to ensure a safe drinking water supply. Apart from advanced purification technology, Pureit Vital Plus also consists of an RO membrane protector that safeguards the membrane components from scaling, foul smell, and contaminants, ensuring the membranes last long.

According to Water Right Group, after installing a reverse osmosis drinking water system, their family members tend to drink more delicious, pure water, cutting down on soda and other sugary drinks.

Why is water purification crucial?

 The main reason why water purification is so crucial is that water is a finite resource on earth, that is chemically treated to fight various types of harmful viruses or bacteria present in it. These viruses and bacteria infect millions of people every year.  Another limitation of chemically treating water is its cost. Getting water chemically treated for household use is not cost-effective. In a situation such as this, the need of finding the best water filtration is essential, and the only simple solution is getting an RO water purifier. We need to take additional care to ensure that our family drinks high-quality, pure and safe water.

 A majority of Pureit RO water purifiers also have a UV chamber, which destroys any bacteria and viruses present in the water. Pureit Marvella  This indicates that water obtained from an RO water purifier is free of pathogenic bacteria. Pureit Marvella UV G2 has powerful UV shield technology and a UV lamp designed to last typically for 10,000 working hours. Additionally, it has a 2X Cartridge life of 6000 litres, compared to the typical filter life of 3000 litres in regular purifiers, which guarantees 100% safe water by eradicating dangerous pathogens and viruses. As a result, an RO water purifier keeps you healthy and protected from dangerous waterborne infections.

Ending Note

According to a 2019 study, heavy metal concentrations of cadmium, copper, iron, lead, and nickel was found in excess in water samples from the majority of India’s major rivers. Additionally, homes that rely on groundwater may experience high amounts of heavy metal contamination as a result of the rapid soil pollution around the world. Drinking water with heavy metals and pollutants over the long term can lead to severe health hazards like cancer, organ damage, impaired growth and development, and nervous system impairment. It is therefore crucial to remove these toxins from water. These heavy metals need to be removed to ensure safe drinking water and that’s where water filtration helps. Pureit’s wide range of RO water purifiers can help you and your family get access to safe and clean drinking water