You may or may not be aware that at some point during your vehicle’s lifespan, your brake lines will need replacing.

Maybe you’ve noticed them deteriorating and becoming less effective over the years, or they’ve been damaged by road debris somewhere down the line.

Either way, you have a rather important decision to make – do you upgrade them with more rubber brake lines, or upgrade to a stainless-steel braided brake hose instead?

This post reveals the main reasons people choose to upgrade, and why switching is one of the best decisions you can make for your vehicle.

Improved vehicle performance

Yes, rubber brake hoses do have a lot of advantages – like their low cost, low maintenance, and high durability – but they are only suitable for non-performance orientated vehicles.

If the sole purpose of your car is to get you from A to B, then you’ll probably be better off with a rubber brake hose – but if you’re into any kind of high-performance or off-road driving, braided brake lines are much more desirable. 

This is because they don’t swell and bulge as much as standard rubber brake lines when under pressure. Although rubber is pretty durable, it will eventually weaken due to this constant expansion. 

Instead, stainless steel braided brake lines are able to retain their integrity, allowing you to perform more intricate brake adjustments. They significantly improve the overall functioning of your vehicle’s brake system.

They’re much more durable

Thanks to their clever construction, stainless steel brake lines are much more durable than their rubber counterparts.

The inner tube is surrounded by a stainless-steel mesh, which essentially creates a barrier against corrosive oils, water, road debris, UV rays, and more.

They’re much less prone to punctures, and they’re resistant to physical damage both inside and out.

Not only are they built to withstand extreme conditions, but they will also last a lot longer – meaning you won’t have to get them replaced as frequently.

They look better

If your vehicle’s appearance is one of the most important factors for you, then you’ll be pleased to hear that stainless-steel braided brake lines also help to elevate the look of your car or motorcycle. 

Maybe you’ve recently upgraded your calipers, and your rubber brake hose looks a little out of place.

Either way, it makes much more sense to invest in stainless steel braided brake lines.

They’re available in a variety of colours, from silver and grey to bright red and blue, and you can select one to match or complement your vehicle to enhance the aesthetics of your wheels and your vehicle as a whole.

Purchase high-quality braided brake lines from a supplier you can trust

So, now that you’re aware of the benefits, what are you waiting for?

It’s always best to purchase stainless steel braided brake lines from a supplier you know you can trust – whether it’s a well-known manufacturer or and established brake hose specialist, like Brake Quip.

Most vehicle repair garages will carry them and offer installation services for an additional fee.

Or you can order them online along with the appropriate end fittings and assemble them yourself at home.

Browse online to find a brake hose stockist near you!