For many of us, skin care can often feel like a frustrating merry go round. It is easy to spend hundreds of dollars on new products, just to get them home and realize that your skin looks worse than when you started. If you have sensitive or easily irritated skin, then you may even be scared to try out new products altogether. Also, you can prefer to environ gift sets that are the best choice for your skincare. 

We understand the skin care struggle, and that is why we have started switching to natural skin care products. But what exactly qualifies as a natural skin care product? These products will contain ingredients only derived from natural sources, with no fillers or harsh chemicals. It is important to note that some labeling can be deceptive as natural doesn’t necessarily have to mean 100% natural. Make sure you are purchasing from brands with integrity and transparent ingredient lists and descriptions to ensure that you are getting the best product.

If you want to learn more about natural skin care, we have compiled five of the benefits that you will experience when using natural skin care products. When used over time, you should be able to see significant improvements in the state of your skin.

1.      Gentle on Your Skin

Natural skin care products are free from the harsh chemicals that many standard skin care brands include in their formulas. They also love to use cheap filler products that can cause harm to your skin. Synthetic ingredients that are also common in standard products can cause irritation, increased sensitivity and clogged pores. When you choose a natural product, you are going to be getting the benefits straight from the source. With fewer ingredients all being derived from natural sources rather than artificial ones, natural products work better to help balance your skin over time.

Aside from the harmful effects that some mainstream products can have on your skin, they also come with some further health risks. Some conventional products contain chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, and parabens. These chemicals are known carcinogens and can have damaging effects on the immune, reproductive, and endocrine systems. While this may not be an immediate issue, prolonged use of these products can cause a risk of toxins accumulating in the body over time.

2.      Anyone Can Use Them

Natural skin care products are suitable for people of all ages regardless of skin type. Because some people are more sensitive to the harsh chemicals in standard products than others are, it can be a risk for them to try new products. The good news is that natural skin care products will not cause an increased risk of oiliness or dryness in those who have an excess of either. These products will help to restore the skin to a state that is balanced, smooth and clear.

3.      No Chemical Smells

Anyone who has used natural products can attest to how nice they usually smell. Often including essential oils and natural herbs, these products are extremely pleasant to the senses. On the other hand, you have probably experienced the type of conventional product that smells so strongly of chemicals or alcohol that you wouldn’t dream of putting it near your face. You will never have to worry about that with natural skin care.

4.      Helps Treat Skin Issues

Aside from your standard cleaner, moisturizer, and toner, there are also natural products that are great at targeting specific issues. For example, witch hazel has been a tried-and-true natural product for those who suffer from acne. Vitamin E oil is something that people who have acne scarring have used to decrease the appearance of those scars. And people who suffer from dry or flaky skin can find creams that contain green tea that will help with dryness. No matter what your ailment is, there is a natural product that can be successful in helping to cure it.

5.      Eco-Friendly

Most natural skin care products contain organic ingredients that are grown using sustainable practices. Additionally, they also leave out unnecessary filler ingredients which can often contain harsh chemicals. This means that they are causing less waste and releasing less chemicals during the manufacturing process then a standard skin care product. When it comes to protecting the environment, making the right choices as a consumer is key. So if the benefits to your skin don’t yet have you convinced to switch to natural skin care, the positive impact on the environment might. 

Going Natural

Including natural skincare products in your routine is a good way to protect yourself from the toxins and chemicals that are in many of the most popular conventional skin care brands. You can rest assured that you are caring for your skin in the most kind and gentle way possible. Help your skin find balance by trying out a natural skin care routine today.